Fremont Race Team members benefit from the following:

  • Team & FFBC membership for 2018
  • Team coaching
  • Discounts from team sponsors
  • Special website login (unlocks sponsor discounts)
  • Team support at local races
  • Temporary team items to “get started”, including TT and road bikes
  • Free educational clinics on bike repair and other topics

Step 1

Submit the following application.

Trouble viewing form? Click here.

Step 2

Train with Team Fremont.

When you receive a reply from us, we will invite you to join us for three team training nights before officially joining the team. The purpose of this period is for you to assess whether or not you will be able to join the team on a regular basis. We have two team training weekdays: Tuesdays and Thursdays. More information, including time and location, can be found here:

Tuesday Night Training | http://fremontraceteam.org/wordpress/team/tuesday-night-training/

Thursday Night Training | http://fremontraceteam.org/wordpress/rides/thursday-night-training/

We occasionally train on other weekdays but you will be notified of these ahead of time on our email list. A video of our Thursday Night Training, along with speed, grade, and distance is below.

Step 3

Fill out the forms.

Just when you thought no forms were involved… Some of the forms you will need to fill out are listed below. We will guide you with which forms you should fill out, so don’t worry about them just yet. After your forms and payment are approved, you officially become a Team Fremont cyclist! A custom website login will also be provided to you.

Step 4

Join our email list.

Request to join the Team Fremont Google Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/teamfremont. Please make sure to introduce yourself!

Additional Items

You may be asked to fill some of these out after you submit your join request (above form).

Check Request Form

2017 FFBC Race Team Membership Form

Send payments to payments@fremontraceteam.org through PayPal.