Race Report – Red Kite Crit

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A better warm up = a better race
M55+1/2/3 (combined with the M45+ 1/2/3) (28 in the 35+ and 9 in the 45+)
Team mates West Kurihara and Tim O’Hara
Plenty of quality in the field, with squads from Peets Coffee, Cycles Fanatic and Morgan Stanley in numbers, including Dan Martin, Masters world champ and the NCNCA champ […]

Coppertown Circuit Race Race Report

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[ February 14, 2016; 12:00 pm; ] M55+ 1/2/3 Coppertown – 1 hour race

Team mate West Kurihara

Was not sure how this would go. My fitness is improving but my day to day form / condition has been inconsistent.

The warm up on the trainer was adequate if unstructured, which is inexcusable. I did get my HR up near where it was supposed to […]

Chico Stage Race feb27-mar1

Elite 3/4 field
Maxed out at 75 riders
No Teamies!
My mind is weary after 3 days of racing, not all will be correct, but I’ll try
Stage 1: Thunderhill circuit race 75min
I’m very familiar with this course as I used to race motorcycles here. 15 corners (really only 3 corners you have to ease up on the […]

Original Merced Criterium – E5 Race Report

In the past, I have made the mistake of not warming up enough (or at all) before a race. Not this time! I got on the trainer 50 minutes before the scheduled start, planning to do 30 minutes of warmup, giving me 20 minutes to change, eat, and pre-ride the course. Surprisingly, everything went as […]

Copper Town Circuit Race 2/15/15

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field: elite 3
size: 29
teammates: Phill Mai & Rey Surla
These are the smoothest roads I’ve ever raced on! Course is rolly, in 22miles we gained 700+ft. Race starts in the town center, works its way out of town a couple miles to a 180′ turn around then back into the town center. The run into town […]

Folsom Crit 2/14/15

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field: elite 3
size: 41
Teammates: Rey Surla
The Folsom course is simple and fun. Shape could be described as a watermelon slice or smiley face. Only 2 real corners that if taken properly can be pedaled through at speed. Race started fairly slow, a few riders rolled off the front with no worry from the peleton. I […]

Video from EB#4

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Please find below a link to a video from the Men’s Cat 4 race at today’s Early Bird Crit.
or for a high resolution version:
The video was taken with the Garmin VIRB, which has a variety of built in sensors.  The VIRB captures two files, one for video, and one for the sensor data.  The time stamp for both […]

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