A Civilized Introduction to the Match Sprint

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With a vocabulary that includes ‘Cote d’Azure’, ‘Keirin’, and ‘Madison’, it is no wonder that many roadies view velodrome riding as a mysterious corner of cycling.  Fortunately for riders in northern California, the Hellyer Velodrome welcomes new track riders with Saturday morning beginner sessions.  After a few beginner sessions, riders seeking more track experience can attend one of […]

Selecting Initial Tire Pressure

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As a follow up on the previous topic of scaling tire pressure with tire width via maintaining constant tire casing tension, I would like to refer to another blog post that discusses how to find a starting point for tire pressure based on rider weight.
Since tire pressure is a combination of subjective as well as quantitative […]

Optimal Inflation for Wider Tires

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I am re-blogging a post  by FLO Cycling on determining the optimal tire pressure for wider tires.  The analysis is based on maintaining a constant tire casing tension, which requires lower tire pressure at the tire gets wider.  The original post is located at the URL:
For the quick summary:
Tire Dia (mm)        Starting […]

Video from EB#4

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Please find below a link to a video from the Men’s Cat 4 race at today’s Early Bird Crit.
or for a high resolution version:
The video was taken with the Garmin VIRB, which has a variety of built in sensors.  The VIRB captures two files, one for video, and one for the sensor data.  The time stamp for both […]