12586915034_fd360ff111_oThe Fremont Freewheelers Cycling Club was founded in 1974. Soon after, members began to race in local competitions. The racing membership grew to almost 90 members, led by John Tarbutt, a local City police officer. John led daily training rides and introduced many athletes to bicycle racing. When John moved out of the area, the size of the racing membership decreased, and it was barely existent throughout the 1980’s.

Following the emergence of a strong American presence in the global professional cycling scene, people again began to become interested in bicycle racing and the racing section grew. Under the stewardship of several enthusiastic leaders, the racing section of the club began to evolve and provide more opportunities for training and racing.

In 2009, Team Integrate / FFBC powered by Chipotle was formed. Sixteen racing members (8 women, 8 men) where provided support by a title sponsor. Following 2009, that sponsorship ended, but it was agreed that the identity of the racing section of the club would benefit from having a distinct name. This was mainly due to the fact the FFBC is recognized as a social cycling organization, and prospective racing members may have been unaware of the depth of racing commitment that the members had.

Team Fremont / FFBC powered by Chipotle was formally introduced in January of 2010.

To further encourage commitment from sponsors, the race team became incorporated as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit. It was also agreed that the team should revert back to our earlier mandate of being an organization that provides encouragement and support for novice racers. The Race Team is currently managed by a Board of Directors elected at the team’s annual meeting and by board appointed officers.