The Team Board is elected annually at the Team’s Annual General Meeting on the date specified in the Team’s constitution. Board members serve 1 year terms.

Board Meetings are open to all Team Members and are announced on the Team’s email list in addition to being added to the Event Calendar on the website.

2012 team Officers and Board Members

President: Garry Birch –
Vice-President: Roy Taylor
Treasurer: Bill Brier -
Secretary: Mike Miu

Promoter: Matt Brantveyn

Women’s Team Manager: Open
Team Captain: Open
Club Liaison: Chris Menicou
Board member: West Kurihara
Board member: Dan Miller
Board member: Bryan Duncan


Content editors & Member access: Garry, Bill & Richard
Admin & Layout: Richard

Other ways to contact us

Team Fremont/FFBC p/b Chipotle
PO Box 1868
Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: (510) 270-5573