Some rainy day reading…

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Catie’s email got me to thinking that others may be in the holiday spending mood.  If it’s raining and you can’t ride your bike, the next best thing is to go internet for research & shopping for bike stuff to make you faster.  I just thought I would pass on a few articles that might [...]

Spinning with Paul Penn

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This morning went to Bally’s Total Fitness to take a spin class with Paul Penn.  While I was there started thinking about the off-season in California.  One thing that I have come to realize is that in California there is no real off-season.  California doesn’t really have an off-season.  It is simply a different time [...]

Team Fremont partners with Eden Bicycles

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Hello fellow team members, I would like to introduce, for all of your bicycles needs, our new partner Eden Bicycles in Castro Valley, CA.  The owner Chris Padavana is eager to support our team for this up coming season. Eden Bicycles is well known for their excellent service and the professionalism of the mechanics wrenching [...]

Nutrition seminar and Race Ready for 2011

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[ January 2, 2011; 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. ] Team and Friends

Below are details about the seminar on nutrition I was talking about recently. In addition to this seminar, Larry Nolan will be presenting a brief lecture about being ready to race at the Early Birds.

Team Fremont 2011 members and prospective 2011 members entrance will discounted to $5. The team [...]

Team Fremont Service Course

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Team mates
We have been collecting and purchasing equipment for member use.
So far we have
2 spare front wheels (1 by Donation by Alex Cortez)
Shimano 9 speed wheel set (donation by Henry Mar)
Shimano 10 speed wheel set (2)
Campagnolo 10 speed wheel set.
All wheels have tyres and tubes, rear wheels with appropriate cassettes.
2 trainers, Fluid (long term loans [...]

Thursday Night Club meeting and first Aid Presentation

[ June 3, 2010; 7:30 pm to 9:01 pm. ] Team

I am proposing a one evening change in the schedule.

The TNT scheduled for June Thursday 3rd is canceled.

The reasons for this is that the program for the club general meeting that night is about the application of first aid to cycling injuries. I think that it is absolutely essential that we [...]

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