TNT 8/21/14 – return of Garry :)

[ August 21, 2014; 6:15 pm; ] Peeps, Yay, no more computer class, so i can return to my friends and show you just how unfit I really am.

Tonights plan is as follows

Gather at 18:15, sign in.


Usual warm up laps of 2+2+2 with those lat ones single pace line at warp.

2 form sprints

Then since there are riders who are racing the TT [...]

Palomares/Sunol loop 8/02/2k14 Mark

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Mark and I meet at the usual place were the team meet on the offseason for the Saturday rides at the Niles parking lot, I got there a little bit after 8a so after some short welcome and chat we leave just after 8:15 or so we did the Palomares/Sunol loop looks like Mark enjoy [...]

Palomares TT

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[ March 22, 2014; 8:30 am; ] It’s been a long time since we did an official (non-strava segment) hill climb TT up Palomares.

The plan is for the team to meet at Niles, where i will set the field and provide last minute instructions. Roll out at 08:45 and ride up Niles Canyon to Sunol and back to Palomares.

The start line is [...]

TNT Feb. 25, 27, ITT March 1 (and beyond)

Tuesday, Feb 25th – “Warren races” – two groups
sign-on then 6:30pm departure from Club Sport. Fremont Blvd to Grimmer to Paseo Padre Parkway to Warren as a warm-up. One lead rider will complete the entire course (light at bottom to turnaround) and everyone else will try to stay with the leaders of their group, [...]

TNT Feb. 18 and 20 (and beyond)

Congrats to all that raced at Coppertown. I took my first week off from race events in seven weeks so I missed Garry’s party and all the fun. Hopefully I can make your next targeted event.
Mahir – please bring my light on Tuesday. “Borrowed” equals returned promptly!
Tuesday, Feb 11th – “Bayview race [...]

Time Trial on Calaveras road course – March 1st

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[ March 1, 2014; 8:30 am; ] Peeps,

Some updated info.

The plan is now to meet at the following location at 08:30 on Saturday morning RAIN OR SHINE.

This is a joint combined clinic with the Tri Valley Triathlon club. When it comes to riding to the start, I do not know what sort of level of skill these peeps are at, so be [...]

TNT Feb 4 and 6 (and more)

Five weeks of Early Birds marks the official end of the “off-season” and the start of the race season… whether your goals are to continue to improve your times and fitness or move up a few places in the finish of your favorite race the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions can help. Some may [...]

TNT Jan 28 and 30

A good day at the Early Birds. Thanks to Garry and everyone else that helps to bring in sponsors like Chipotle. That hit the spot!
Unfortunately, I did not hear good things about the juniors race. Our junior team has a lot of potential to be a force but we need to take [...]

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