Hairiest Chinese Guy Alive Shaves His Legs

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It’s been a long time coming, but it finally happened over the weekend.  Yes, the fur is gone!  With my daughter going back to college next week I had only this Saturday to solicit her assistance.  So I finally pulled the trigger despite my wife’s objections.  How did my daughter get involved?  Let me explain before you […]

Life of a Critic at Tour of the Dead End Canyons

My blog is intended for prospective members who think they cannot join.  I’m intending to show them here my experience with updates.  To introduce myself on the first blog, you can think of me as the youngest member in the group yet born before many of them.  I joined the team on October 19th, 2014 […]

Brad’s Birthday Ride (Century)

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Brad’s birthday ride was really nice. Tim O’Hara organized this mixed club / team ride and the turnout was really large, we also had some other teams in attendance. I did the brisk ride which in my opinion was pretty fast at times. The start of the day turned out to be on the cold […]

Epic Ride + secondary group

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Joe Rokes organized a really big ride with Chris Gaitos. The ride turned out to be ~140 miles and ~ 9000 feet of elevation by the time the Epic Group finished. 6 riders did this ride which started in Fremont to IC3 ride (Pleasanton) and then a clockwise loop of Mines junction and over the back of Hamilton and […]

Saturday of MTB @ Pleasanton/Sunol Ridge trail

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Today I feel like riding mtb so I grab my rig and went on the mission of have a good ride and just enjoy it myself, went o Sunol depot station and ride from there to the park, I was on my second time on this place and today I really like it even before […]

Palomares/Sunol loop 8/02/2k14 Mark

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Mark and I meet at the usual place were the team meet on the offseason for the Saturday rides at the Niles parking lot, I got there a little bit after 8a so after some short welcome and chat we leave just after 8:15 or so we did the Palomares/Sunol loop looks like Mark enjoy […]

Team Ride 12/10/11 report

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This weekends ride was a planned ride out to the Pescadero RR course and do a lap of reconnaissance
I scheduled that we meet at the Sharron Heights shopping center on Sand hill Road in Menlo Park. It turned out to be a good jumping off point, with a Starbucks, CVS and Safeway right there to […]

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