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Race results : Jan 1st 2013 : San Bruno Hill Climb TT

Men – Cat 4
6th Michael Leung : 17:59.6

Men – Cat 4/5 – Master – 45-99
7th  John Lem (5 – Cat4) : 17:59.6

Men – Cat 5
13th Darryl Leung: 19:40.4

Men – Junior – 15-18 (Including Junior women)
6th Cynthia Wang – 25:53.5

Beat the Clock TT

Race dates Feb 18, 2012 and Apr 7, 2012  Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer TT
On Feb 18th, Myself (Patricia Benson) and Sandra King were participating.
On Apr 7th, Myself (Patricia Benson) and Sandra King and Chris Menicou were participating.
On Feb 18th I arrived early but was unable to get a good warm up in (nerves, taking it all in and general just not sure about the whole process yet).
I had a interesting ride, this is an open course and twice I was slowed down by a large group of cyclists.  I found this a bit frustrating.  Over all I gave it my best and received a time of 33:42.  The course is about 10 miles. I was happy with my time. 
On Apr 7th I again arrived early but knew the set up.  I got my number and set to warming up on the trainer.  I felt much better and ready for the TT.  The first half felt great, the second half seemed harder than before.  I felt I gave it my all but I also feared I was a smidge slower.  No surprise since I had not put in a lot of hours on the bike in March and I am fighting my allergies right now.  Sure enough the times were posted and I was almost a minute slower at 34:36.
I hope in May when the next TT is that I can improve my time.
Maybe we will see more team members out there?  Its quick, local and for Cancer.

Calaveras TT results – Sunday December 4th, 2011

A most excellent morning. Not a breath of wind, but on the chilly side, even though the sun was shining. All ion all, what you would want a typical December morning to look like.

Both Bill and Bas where on full TT rigs, Bill was riding the Team’s Leopard. Chris M was on aero bars

We had some guests as well riding, which added some nice flavor to the morning.

And i would like to really thank the Krush, aka Keith Kruse, who drove out from Milpitas to act as the turn marsahal and who brought back all the course marking. Thanks Keith, you rock.

Rajeev Shankur **            34:33

Ram Menos**                    33:07

Jason Sage                      32:58

Vanessa McDonnell      34:33

Antonio & Matteo*         47:35 (Stefano’s children, who are probably somewhere between 9 and 11 years old raced a two person TT)

Trish Benson**                 36:33

Rich Beeler*                 27:36

Bob Fusco*                   28:34

Mike Baxter                  31:39

Mike Zuerlein              27:37

Bas Sopora                   29:05

West Kurihara             28:02

Stefano*                          26:55

Thomas Duncan          30:38

Brandon Chen**              30:42

John Lem**                      26:50

Chris Menicou             26:19

Bill Brier                       26:10

Bill Brier 2nd ride       26:06

* indicates guest ride by IC3 member

** indicates first ever TT race.

Race Team Ride #12 – Calaveras TT race

December 4, 2011
8:15 amto12:15 pm

Sunday December 4th                Time Trial Race
8:30 SHARP                               45 miles FF-2

We will ride out to the Calaveras TT course, probably with a loop within Fremont to start so we know we will be properly warmed up for our big effort of the day.

The course starts on Calaveras Road, just south of the Calaveras Road exit on I-680, near Sunol. The course heads south, climbs 1 mile up the hill, turns around and heads back to the finish line, which is within 100 yards of the start. The course will have the full course markings, but probably no marshal at the turn.


Options are pairing up for a Team TT, Tandems, and please bring your high end TT bike if you feel comfortable with that as well. I am hoping to start the race portion at 10:00 latest.
Rain will stop play.
Start from Niles Parking Lot on Niles Boulevard, Cross Street is ‘H’ Street

Garry Birch    (925) 556-1564 or (925) 819-0247

Sierra Nevada Hill Climb Time Trial Report – Incline Village

Race: Sierra Nevada Hill Climb Time Trial Report – Incline Village
Category: 35+
Position: 9th
Time: 44:32

This race was a last minute decision so I booked a hotel near the start and grabbed the family for a one day trip to Lake Tahoe. We got there in time for dinner and a drive to the top of Mt Rose to see the course. The next morning I rode my bike up a short hill to the registration which was supposed to be in the ski area parking lot. There were two other people there wondering if we were in the right place. Sure enough about 30 minutes later a bunch of cars showed up along with a trailer with two porta-potties. A tent was setup for registration and the next thing I knew there was a long line. The start order was based on registration order.

My start was at 9:07 and 30 seconds behind was a pro. It took him less than 3 minutes to pass me. At first I had thoughts of trying to keep him in my sights to help keep a fast pace. When he passed me so quick that thought abruptly disappeared along with any sight of him. He ended up finishing exactly 10 minutes faster than me. I kept a good pace but did not go too hard. The first two miles goes up Country Club drive then turns on Mt Rose Hwy for the remaining 6 miles for a finish at the 8900 ft summit. The climbed seemed a lot longer when I drove it in the car but the finish seemed to come pretty quick on the bike.

The weather and scenery were perfect. Even at 8900 feet it was warm. I should of got pictures at the summit but I only thought of it on my way down so I stopped and snapped one shot.

Mt Rose Hwy


Dunlap Memorial TT – 6/5/2011 race report

Event: Steve Dunlap Memorial TT
Where: Davis
Distance:18.62 miles
Category: M45+ 4,5
No of Riders: 32
Position: ?

Other FFRT members racing this event: Sandra, Lindsey

My start time was 12:29, but I got there about three hours before so that I could ride the course.  The organizers scheduled a break between 9:30 and about 10:30 so I figured I would ride the course at an easy pace for a warmup during this time.  Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time I was out there and I got totally soaked.  I was prepared for this and had a full change of clothes for later.  Even though it was raining, there was very little wind.

I had pretty much dialed in the Leopard TT1 during the week and had the bars, seat position, height, bar angle etc, dialed in for me.  Unfortunately I decided the previous evening not to use the tri-spoke rear or the UFO 18 spoke front wheel.  These would have been more aero than my own wheels that I used, but I just didn’t feel comfortable after working on the stuff the previous night.  I had re-glued the rear tubular on the tri-spoke and adjusted the side load bearing play, but the tri-spoke is a bit untrue (and can’t be adjusted) and the tubular is a bit out of round.  Also, I don’t have a floor pump with a small enough chuck head to fit into the small cavity to pump the tire.   The best I could do was to use a frame pump, but I could only get about 90 psi into the tire.   The front UFO wheel has a very nice aero section rim with recessed nipples and bladed spokes, but I checked the spoke tension and about 4 spokes were very much under tensioned compared to the rest.  So I decided to play it safe and ride on my own wheels.

At 12:29, the rain and drizzle had stopped a bit before and the roads were drying out.  The Leopard has a Cateye computer with cadence si I set it up to display cadence and distance.  I had mounted my Garmin Edge 500 and was using it to monitor Heart Rate, speed, and distance.  My plan was to ride at a cadence range of 95 – 105 and HR of around 170.  The HR may sound high for my age, but I’ve always had a fast revving heart.   Sticking to the plan, I felt ok for the entire event, but I only caught one rider and about 4 guys passed me along the route.  One of the first guys to pass me did so at about mile 6 and he started 3 min back?  He was flying!

I don’t know my exact placing, but I’m sure I’m in the bottom half of the group.  My effort was good, but I see a few sections where I might have been able to gut out a few more watts to gain a few seconds.  With the exception of turns, I stayed in the aero TT position the entire time.

Leopard TT1 – flawless!  The basic setup of bars, SRAM Force rear, SRAM shifters, Ultegra front all work with precision.  The crankset, bearings and derailleur pulleys have very low friction.  I also used the Rudy Syston S. Comp TT helmet.  This thing is heavy but very aero.  It has an integrated eye shield that can be raised or lowered and I did find that lowering it decreases drag a bit, but decreases the cooling  too.  I flipped the shield up for more that half the race to get more cool air.  You guys should give this gear a try this season.  You’ll like it.


Dunlap Time Trial

Day started early at 4:50am for a long drive past the world famous Nut Tree and the Mothball Fleet in all its rusting glory. When we arrived it was some what cool and quickly warmed up. As I finished warming up the sun was shinning brightly and the wind was picking up. As I started I was able to get into a rhythm unlike training on Calaveras on Wednesday. As I was hammering into the head wind section I was passed. I did a very bad turn around but got my speed back and began blazing down the road. Sprinted down the finishing straight for a time of 12:44 for tenth place.

Team Photo and Calaveras TT

March 26, 2011
8:30 amto1:30 pm

Be prepared to look good !

We meet at Niles, usual parking lot. We will take photos in the adjacent park or the park next to Alameda Creek

Team uniforms, cycling shoes or sneakers, WHITE Socks ONLY, NO shades or hats in the group shot.

We will do portraits as well.

After we go to Calaveras for a TT practice