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Return to the Giant TCR Advanced and Road Racing


Dear Teammates,

Thanks for all your well wishes and concern after my crash last Thursday.

Thanks Giro for my helmet and protecting my brain when I went head over handlebars.

Thanks Giant for building a great and bombproof machine like the Giant TCR Advanced.

Climbed back on the Giant TCR Advanced and returned to training today thanks to rest, recovery, teammates, and a durable body.

Thanks to Alex for checking the Giant TCR Advanced and unsqueaking, don’t think that is a word, the carbon brake pads.

Thanks to Rey for continued guidance and encouragement.

Thanks Liz and Chris for your support.

Thanks to everyone that I might forget for helping me get past the bruised rib, strained wrist, and road rash.

Thanks Hammer Nutrition.  Love everything I use but especially Hammer Gel, Hammer Recoverite, and Hammer Seat Saver.

Targeting two road races next month: Dunnigan Hills and San Ardo.  Hope to have some team support at both.  Is anyone doing the Suisun Harbor Criterium?  I am trying to get my body in line to do it.

Thanks all.

Snelling Road Race

Another great day for racing. Used the new ride (VAN) to it’s full extent, we packed in 7 people and 7 bikes (6 racers). I raced Cat 5 35+ with Robert and Nathan we all worked together in this race to give a safe wheel and good draft space. We had expectations of getting to the sprint with one guy racing for a win. Turns out our results don’t show how well we raced. Our learning is to sit in longer, we went fast with 2000 meters to go but that left us with a difficult sprint at the end. Special thanks to my team members for all the help.

Copper Town Circuit Race

Perfect weather day and lots of teamies for this TTE. Damon and I raced CAT 5 35+ we were able to assist in bringing in a break away after playing with our food as Larry would say. Damon pushed the paced multiple times which gave me an opening to get a podium finish. Great day and personal best result. Course is great for someone who is not into steep climbs but can hang in grinders, downhill sprint at the end is sprinters advantage.

UC Santa Cruz Road Race

Saturday was the UC Santa Cruz Road Race. Most of the team was at Snelling. I really wanted to race but i’d much rather ride hard than have to fight 100 other guys that are like twice my size at Snelling. Finished 13th out of 38 in E4/5. This is one tough race. A 5 minute climb up the 350ft hill with a 14% kicker at the top then a 3 minute decent down the backside hitting 40 mph. Then repeat 10x. The elevation graph looks like this ^^^^^^^^^^. You better hope you’re with the pack on the decent or you get no recovery time as I found out on the 4th lap. I was able to chase back with 2 others by the time we hit the bottom but I was toast for the start of the climb again. I lasted 5 laps with the leaders. There were only 8 guys left in the lead pack when I cracked. I joined the 1st chase group of 4 for another 3 laps. Wasn’t any easier but we were working together more as opposed to attacking each other like the group ahead. We could see the lead group battling it out about 300m ahead. 1 by 1 they were dropping as well. I cracked again on the last lap but was still passing lapped riders. Finished in 13th. 3500ft of climbing in 27 miles with a 20mph avg. Major props to Matt Brant for racing with me even though this wasn’t his type of race. Matt fought hard and helped me on the decent on the last lap when I caught up to him again. And thanks to Marci as well for all the cheers! It was a blast!


A gorgeous day in Santa Cruz. Great view of the Monterey Bay.


The start/finish line halfway up the climb.

March Team Target Event – Turlock Lake RR

March 29, 2014
8:00 am


Registration opens on February 1st, not sure what time. No links to registration or event flier available at this time of posting on to our website. Keep checking in on to

for updates.

Knights Ferry M45-4 (Feb 2, 2013)

I can tell that I’m getting old by the starting time of my race.  The Cat 4 old guys (M45) race didn’t start till 12:15.  It was so nice not having to leave the house early in the morning, or having to wait around the starting line freezing cold at the crack of dawn.  The only issue I encounter starting so late was the drive to the parking/registration area.  The Organizer had you drive in on the same road the race was on.  Arriving so late half the groups were already flying on the course.  Have you ever tried to passing groups of 50 cyclists on a blind curves?  Kidding….

Pre-Race was pretty typical.  Visit Port o Potty, Registered, pin number, warm-up on the trainer, re-pin number, and shoot the breeze with Teamie Mark King, and Ex-Teammate John Berg (Kovarus/Wells Fargo Racing Team).  Bill Brier was already hammering it on the course.
Before the race I couldn’t believe how calm I was feeling.  I think it had to due with my Achilles Tendonitis issues which has been plaguing me for the last few weeks.  I figured if it hurt too much I would pull the plug and call it a day, so why stress.   This relax feeling went always as soon as I realized my front derailleur/shifter issue which came about right before the start of the San Bruno Hill Climb was back!!!  Oh no.. I had zero time to fix it, so it’s all about the Big Ring today….  Lucky the course wasn’t too hilly or with anything steep which required a small ring.

This year’s M45 Cat 4 race was completely different than last year’s Cat 5 race.  Elite Cat 5 was blazing from the start to finish.  This year’s race was rather slow, with little action, and no one willing to work at the front.  No attacks or breakaways so most of the time we promenade as one large group.  The only thrill was watching the motorcycle Ref bark at racer for passing over the double yellow line.  During their conversation, the dude somehow took a spill.  His team mates turns his head to watch the action, and he goes tumbling too.  All this is taking place right in front of me!!  The guy is bouncing along the asphalt and I’m trying to avoid him, and his cart wheeling bike, and trying to keep my composure and cause the situation any worse.  Fortunately the hole between between rider, and his ride stayed open long enough for me to go straight through unscaved…

During last year race, the speed on the return leg to the finish increase twofold.  I figured since the pace was so slow, and heading into the wind, the same result would happen.  So I started making my way to front 5.  Afterwards getting there I realized that nothing was happening beside bitching n complaining about who is going to work.  That’s when I made a critical error, and drifted back in the pack.  Feeling strong With 2K to go it was time to put the hammer down, but was stuck in mid pack.  Mark and I were riding side by side block in.  Two many riders, and not enough room, and that motorcycle ref in tow.. @$@#!!!.
200m to go on the uphill finish.  Riders started to die on the vine.  Small opening started to appear just large enough to squeeze through.  With the finish line approached to soon, I was able to work my way up to 9th and Mark to 5th.
Overall it was a good day.  Perfect weather, good roads, didn’t go down, Achilles didn’t hurt too bad, and the Team got two Top 10’s…

San Bruno Mtn Hill Climb

I’m really excited to start racing in 2013 and i love climbing so this was a great way to get going. No better way to ring in the new year then to race up a mountain. The course is about 3.7 miles and about 1100ft up. The first half is about 7-8% up Guadalupe Parkway before the turn into San Bruno Mtn Park, and then 8-10% up Radio Rd to the top. Temps were chilly but not too bad low 50s and the winds were coming out of the south about 5mph at the bottom and 8-10mph at the top. Teamates racing that day were John Lem 45+4s , Cynthia Wang Jnrs, and Darryl Leung E5.

I meetup with my brother at his place in South City to swap wheels and get my shifting dialed in. Headed over to the start around 9am, got ready and warmed up on my trainer. Wasn’t going to go too hard on the warm up just get my heart rate up a bit and spin the legs. I had pretty high expectations for this race since this race suits my style pretty well but with the weather recently I hadn’t really been able to train as much as I would have wanted too. I knew the other guys i’d be racing with were going to be strong. Guys winning this race do it in the 16 minute range so my goal was to do it under 17. I prerode the course a few days prior in the rain and did around 22 minutes so lots of room for improvement.
I lined up at the start around mid pack, downed a Gel Shot, whistle blows and we’re off. It was a combined E4 and E5 field with 15 and 35 riders for a total of 50. My plan was try not to go too hard at the beginning and then try to follow wheels up to the top but I knew I’d have to go pretty hard from the start to have a good time. Up the first section i worked my way to the outside and started to move up. Guys were moving over to the middle when they hit the front and soon i found myself at the front of the pack at the top of the 1st incline section. It didn’t feel like i was going that hard yet i was leading the pack on to the flat section before the 1st stop light. There was a slight tailwind pushing us up the hill and the other guys must have been holding back quite a bit. The guy that eventually won my category finally came by me and asked “How’s it going?” and I replied slightly out of breath “Great!”. I stuck to his wheel for a little bit then two other guys came around us and the second guy got out of the saddle and attacked. That was that pretty much the last i saw of them.
I’m pretty much in the red zone by now hitting the second incline section after the stop light so my strategy from here was to try and hold on to the wheels of the guys going past me. It’s pretty obvious that i’ve gone harder then the other guys up the 1st section so I am now on the defensive. Another group of 3 guys go by me. I dig deep to hang on to these guys. Just before the second section flattens out the 3rd guy in the group starts to get gapped so i pass him and stick to the wheel of the guy he was following. This guys pretty big so i’m content to stick to his wheel and we are motoring into the right turn into the park over 22 mph. Slow down, right turn into the park, right turn, sweeper under the overpass and then out of the saddle to the second parking lot. Coming out of the trees I’m still sitting on the big guys wheel. He is strong. The road rises and turns to the left and into the wind. Once we hit the wind I find it even harder! Even with the big guy infront of me I’m struggling and start to lose his wheel. I know with a head wind I’m going to lose a lot of time if i’m by myself so I dig again to try to catch back on and do but not for long. I lose it again and start to slow down, 7-8mph per my Garmin hitting the steepest part of the climb. Just before i reach the switch backs a few more guys go by me. I’m trying my hardest just to keep going now. About 200 meters to the finish I feel more guys breathing down on me. 100 meters, when is this going to end?!? The guys behind me start to sprint, I do as well. Two of them get by me but i am able to hold off a third and finally cross the line. My chest feels like its going to explode.

I finished 6th out of 15 in E4 and around 12th out of 50 in the combined field. My official time is 17:59. Strava says I did it in 17:50. I checked John’s time as well since i know we’re pretty similarly matched and what do you know. We have the same exact official and strava times as well. Crazy. My take aways for next time are: Don’t go so hard out of the gate. Follow wheels as much as possible but try to go at a pace you can sustain. Train harder. I lost quite a bit of weight towards the end of last year which is great but it’s time to make more power. Until next year.

Henleyville Road Race E4

Henleyville is on the outskirts of Corning up by Chico. Drove up late Friday night and spent the night at the Corning rest stop. Got about 4-5 hours of sleep and headed over to the course 5 minutes away around 6:30am. Checked in at Reg, kitted up, ate breakfast, prepped the bike, drinks, food, and was ready to go at 8am. No teammates at this race and most of the fields were pretty small which was probably due to the location and how late in the season this race is. E4 was supposed to start at 8:10 but there was only 4 of us in E4 so the official gave us the option to combine with the M35+4s which we did. The 35+4s were 12 strong so much better then 4. Since we combined with the old guys we’d only do 3 laps(54 miles) instead of 4 laps(72 miles) and started a little later at 8:30.


Race started and we were off. The course is super flat, 18 mile loop on farm roads(a bit bumpy in spots and a few potholes), one small hill(more like a roller) where the feed zone is. The start/finish is flat. They originally had planned to have the finish on a hill on one of the side streets but they ended up changing it to just be at the start line. The whole race was pretty slow except the finish. There were only 2-3 occasions where the speed picked up higher then 22-23mph. A few guys got dropped but caught back on when we slowed down. Didn’t seem like any one wanted to work except one or two guys. I ended up at the front a few times. I wasn’t going to put too much effort into pulling the pack around so I pulled at around 21mph for a few miles and then went to the back. We passed the Women’s P/1/2 field on the 2nd lap, got passed by the Mens P/1/2 and M35+ 1/2/3 fields right before the finish.  We got neutralized once after being passed and for a while were only doing 18mph after getting the green light again.


Heading into the finish we were still going pretty slow on the finish straight. The finish straight is about a mile and a half straight stretch. The last group that past us was still visible in front of us and some of the guys were saying they might interfere with our finish. It almost felt like we were riding neutral because of it but as the finish got closer that group sped up and was a none issue. Since we were heading into the finish pretty slow around 21mph i was able to move up to the front. I was third wheel when we hit the 1k to go and then all of the suden everyone swarms to the front and starts to take off. I lost quite a few spots but was hanging on to the pack. The 3 other E4s had huge sprints and moved to the front. I could not hang. I found myself on the outside of the pack. The guy next to me really wanted to get out and almost crashed into me. I let him out since he seemed a bit dangerous and he proceeded to crash into two other guys at about the 200m mark. Pretty scary mid sprint probably doing about 32-35ish. The pack blew up after that, I made it around the crash safely and rolled through the finish 4th(unfortunately it was out of 4) in E4 and i think 7 or 8th in the group.


I was pretty satisfied with the race(got a nice T-shirt out of it) after DNP in the last couple of crits. I know i’ve been getting stronger all year so I just really wanted to have a decent race before the end of the season. Had the finish been on the hill I think I might of had a better shot as I am not much of a sprinter. My form seems to be coming together more as a climber so i’ll probably be training more towards that during the off season. Other then seeing guys crashing while in an all out sprint the race was enjoyable.