Selecting Initial Tire Pressure

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As a follow up on the previous topic of scaling tire pressure with tire width via maintaining constant tire casing tension, I would like to refer to another blog post that discusses how to find a starting point for tire pressure based on rider weight.
Since tire pressure is a combination of subjective as well as quantitative [...]

Optimal Inflation for Wider Tires

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I am re-blogging a post  by FLO Cycling on determining the optimal tire pressure for wider tires.  The analysis is based on maintaining a constant tire casing tension, which requires lower tire pressure at the tire gets wider.  The original post is located at the URL:
For the quick summary:
Tire Dia (mm)        Starting [...]

Weekend Report – Top Tens!

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Team Fremont Race Results for this past weekend from USA Cycling:
Snelling Road Race
Snelling, CA Feb 21, 2015
M Junior 13-14 – Catie Melnarik 2nd
M35 Cat. 4 – Robert Gonzalez 10th
W Elite Cat. 3 – Cynthia Wang 4th
W Elite Cat. 4 – Zahra Gill 1st, Helen Kim 5th
Original Merced Criterium
Merced, CA Feb 22, 2015
M Elite Cat. 5 [...]

Original Merced Criterium – E5 Race Report

In the past, I have made the mistake of not warming up enough (or at all) before a race. Not this time! I got on the trainer 50 minutes before the scheduled start, planning to do 30 minutes of warmup, giving me 20 minutes to change, eat, and pre-ride the course. Surprisingly, everything went as [...]

Team Fremont Weekend Race Results – Top Tens

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Folsom Winter Criterium
Folsom, CA Feb 14, 2015
Womens Pro 123 – Elizabeth May-Gaitos 7th
Mens Elite Cat. 3 – Chris Gaitos 1st
Womens Elite Cat. 4 – Luisa Sempere 5th, Helen Kim 9th,  Catie Malnarik 10th
Womens Elite Cat. 3 -  Elizabeth May-Gaitos 8th
Copper Town Square Circuit Race
Copperopolis, CA Feb 15, 2015
Mens M35 Cat. 3 – Rey Surla 2nd, [...]

Copper Town Circuit Race 2/15/15

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field: elite 3
size: 29
teammates: Phill Mai & Rey Surla
These are the smoothest roads I’ve ever raced on! Course is rolly, in 22miles we gained 700+ft. Race starts in the town center, works its way out of town a couple miles to a 180′ turn around then back into the town center. The run into town [...]

Folsom Crit 2/14/15

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field: elite 3
size: 41
Teammates: Rey Surla
The Folsom course is simple and fun. Shape could be described as a watermelon slice or smiley face. Only 2 real corners that if taken properly can be pedaled through at speed. Race started fairly slow, a few riders rolled off the front with no worry from the peleton. I [...]

Red Kite Omnium race #1 – The Bump

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Suffering. It’s waking up at 5am. It’s deciding to put your kit on as the rain starts. It’s not putting your bike back in the car after 20mph winds and rain in warmup. It’s lining up behind the moto ref and neutral starts that aren’t all that neutral.
“Why is it so hard?” The same thought [...]

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