Red Kite – Nicely done team.

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Yesterday Team Fremont provided the course setup, marshals and tear down crew for the latest iteration of the Red Kite race series.
I want to record how happy and proud i was of how we did an outstanding job helping Steve Rosefield run the event.
Special thanks to West Kurihara who wrangled and scheduled members for their [...]

Low on power

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After many weeks off the bike from asphalt surfing and a recent bug I find I am down 50 watts. This is more than I expected and why using a trainer is so important during times when riding the road is not possible. Now in hindsight I wish I had tried to get even 10-15 [...]

Return to the Giant TCR Advanced and Road Racing

Dear Teammates,
Thanks for all your well wishes and concern after my crash last Thursday.
Thanks Giro for my helmet and protecting my brain when I went head over handlebars.
Thanks Giant for building a great and bombproof machine like the Giant TCR Advanced.
Climbed back on the Giant TCR Advanced and returned to training today thanks to rest, [...]

Thor’s day training crash

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Dear Teammates,
This morning, while training, I crashed and crashed hard!
I went head over handlebars thanks to a pothole one mile from home.
I suffered some scrapes and cuts but the greatest concern is my rib that contacted the handlebar as I skated on the asphalt.  Having a little trouble breathing but think that it is mostly [...]

Red Kite Criterium…opening up the account

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Have only raced Red Kite once this year.
Haven’t raced on the Livermore course all year.
Enough build up.
Arrived and ran into Dillon Chang.  He had raced the race before me and was leaving.  He wished me good luck.  He couldn’t stay.  He had brought his family and they had other obligations other than watching me suffer.
Pinned [...]

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