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Enjoying seeing Cindy and Liz on the front page of the website :)

Snelling Road Race

Another great day for racing. Used the new ride (VAN) to it’s full extent, we packed in 7 people and 7 bikes (6 racers). I raced Cat 5 35+ with Robert and Nathan we all worked together in this race to give a safe wheel and good draft space. We had expectations of getting to the sprint with one guy racing for a win. Turns out our results don’t show how well we raced. Our learning is to sit in longer, we went fast with 2000 meters to go but that left us with a difficult sprint at the end. Special thanks to my team members for all the help.

Copper Town Circuit Race

Perfect weather day and lots of teamies for this TTE. Damon and I raced CAT 5 35+ we were able to assist in bringing in a break away after playing with our food as Larry would say. Damon pushed the paced multiple times which gave me an opening to get a podium finish. Great day and personal best result. Course is great for someone who is not into steep climbs but can hang in grinders, downhill sprint at the end is sprinters advantage.

UC Santa Cruz Road Race

Saturday was the UC Santa Cruz Road Race. Most of the team was at Snelling. I really wanted to race but i’d much rather ride hard than have to fight 100 other guys that are like twice my size at Snelling. Finished 13th out of 38 in E4/5. This is one tough race. A 5 minute climb up the 350ft hill with a 14% kicker at the top then a 3 minute decent down the backside hitting 40 mph. Then repeat 10x. The elevation graph looks like this ^^^^^^^^^^. You better hope you’re with the pack on the decent or you get no recovery time as I found out on the 4th lap. I was able to chase back with 2 others by the time we hit the bottom but I was toast for the start of the climb again. I lasted 5 laps with the leaders. There were only 8 guys left in the lead pack when I cracked. I joined the 1st chase group of 4 for another 3 laps. Wasn’t any easier but we were working together more as opposed to attacking each other like the group ahead. We could see the lead group battling it out about 300m ahead. 1 by 1 they were dropping as well. I cracked again on the last lap but was still passing lapped riders. Finished in 13th. 3500ft of climbing in 27 miles with a 20mph avg. Major props to Matt Brant for racing with me even though this wasn’t his type of race. Matt fought hard and helped me on the decent on the last lap when I caught up to him again. And thanks to Marci as well for all the cheers! It was a blast!


A gorgeous day in Santa Cruz. Great view of the Monterey Bay.


The start/finish line halfway up the climb.

Coppertown Circuit Race – E4

This race looked simple enough from the description, a short out and back with a single U-turn and a few corners through the town square.  I carpooled down with Mike since we were racing together.  I forgot to pre-register, so we rolled out plenty early, at about 6:45.  We parked and I made for the registration tent.  Luckily there were still a few spots available, so I got my number, went to the team tent and did some socializing.  As the start time grew near, I geared up and got on the trainer to warm up.  Did about 20 minutes at an easy pace, with a quick 2.5 minute threshold effort just to wake up a bit.

We rolled up to the line with just under 10 minutes until our start time.  I made some small talk with a couple of the Knight Rider guys I’ve been racing with recently.  There were two groups in front of us, the E2′s and E3′s.  The race started at a reasonable pace.  No suicidal early attacks or anything particularly interesting.  I didn’t take any rest days before the event, and was still feeling a bit sluggish from “The Tainthammer” last weekend.  This lack of freshness translated into a sort of mental laziness, and I found myself cruising on the back of the pack and not feeling especially assertive.  I paid for this dearly once we hit the first U-turn.  The front of the field went through quite gingerly, while the back slowed down to about 4 MPH and a few riders had to unclip to make it through.

Since the turn was at the bottom of a hill, I had to make a big effort to get up to speed and latch back onto the group, jumping from 6 MPH to 29 MPH in 25 seconds.  Luckily I was able to hide in the pack again for a bit.  I tried to join follow a few wheels up the side to get a little closer to the front, but each rider I followed ended up slowing up again, so I’d end up gaining only 3-4 positions.  We rolled through town and I couldn’t get in position to take my ideal line through the corners, so I took them a little cautiously.  Before I knew it I was at the back again.  I found myself sprinting again to latch back on up the hill just after town.  This pattern kept up for a couple more laps, without much happening in the race other than a few people falling over at low speed on the U-turn, and a short attack that Mike followed that got brought back quickly.

On the last lap, I somehow found myself quite a bit further back than expected coming out of town, and ended up making my biggest effort in the race.  Luckily, there were a few of us back there, and we worked together to get back to the group.  We hit the U-turn one final time, made a short effort up the hill, and then things got a little too quiet in the pack.  The group spread itself out, taking up both sides of the road.  I had gotten a chance to catch my breath and recovered, so I moved towards the left of the group trying to find a hole to get towards the front.  I told Mike to move to the left as well, and to get up there because we were coming up to the 1k to go marker.  My plan was to find an opening and sacrifice myself, digging as hard as I can to get Mike at least towards the front of the bunch, if not to the line.

Unfortunately, just as I was getting ready to execute, there was a big crash on the right side that took out what looked like a quarter of the field.  It quickly spread towards me, and I found myself riding in the dirt and shrubs on the left shoulder.  I slowed and unclipped, but didn’t have to stop completely.  By the time I got back on the road and clipped in, the pack was out of reach.  I cruised it in with a few of the other crash survivors for 29th place.   Mike ended up 11th, and Daryl was 15th.

Lesson learned:  Get to the front early, because it’s a lot harder when you’re already tired.

Cornering too slowly

Cornering too slowly

P.S. Thanks Jenny and Katie for the awesome pictures :)

March Team Target Event – Turlock Lake RR

March 29, 2014
8:00 am


Registration opens on February 1st, not sure what time. No links to registration or event flier available at this time of posting on to our website. Keep checking in on to

for updates.

Tonights TNT is cancelled

Due to Halloween, and i don’t want to be out after dark coz it so scary, tonights TNT is cancelled.

The next evening training session will be next Tuesdays NT



Women’s team recruitment ride

Hi everyone,

A final reminder about Team Fremonts recruitment ride on Saturday October 26th.

So far we have about 16 ladies who have said they are joining the fun.

Looking for advice, encouragement, coaching from a world champion.

Team Fremont are looking to expand our already successful ladies membership by adding both experienced racers and women who want to try competitive riding.

A little bit of background about our organization. We are 60 strong in 2013, of which 9 are ladies, which is good but we feel should be more. The team organizes weekly training rides in Fremont every Tuesday and Thursday, all year long. Through Fall and Winter we have weekend rides. And we also have classroom sessions to discuss all things bicycle racing, chaired by local professionals in whatever subject is up for discussion. Every month we meet socially and every other meeting is catered by Chipotle .

Our youngest member is a 14 year old junior girl. Our oldest member is in his late 50′s. As an organization we have a reputation for bringing new athletes in to the sport. Saying that we do have some very experienced racing members.

If your interested in meeting with the team, we are organizing a social ride on Saturday October 26th. The plan is to gather at the railroad depot parking lot in Sunol and hopefully ride out at 08:45 after some morning coffee we are providing. We are planning two groups, both of which will be fully supported with a sag vehicle, spare wheels, food and drinks. The routes will on the flat side and distances will be about 30 miles for the not so fit athletes and about 35-40 for the more experienced fitter riders. Also, all attendee’s will get a Chipotle Burrito, just for coming to chat with us.

Just to add some additional notes about Team Fremont, here are some quotes from past members.

“I enjoyed my time with FFBC. The group was encouraging, welcoming, and fun. They taught me interesting bike routes, group cycling skills, and gave me the friendly push I needed. Great group of guys and gals!” – Janet Gardener

“My time on Team Fremont was so memorable. A great group of people and super support. I remain friends with many of my ex team mates and highly recommend joining their team”.
April Hamlin (April Dewall)

“Hi Garry,
FFBC was a great experience. As a relatively new cat 4, I was looking for a small w3/4 team that raced a lot and that was focused on team goals, and having fun. Your team offered that and more!
We worked hard at learning team tactics and race strategy. Working with Laura Charameda was incredible. We had a couple day camps with her. And she was our day of race director at Merco!

We had a very successful year with 4 of us upgrading to cat3!

I have many fond memories from FFBC. The men’s team was supportive, always there to cheer us on. I could always count on your good nature and positive spirit. Racing is tough, competitive, emotional. You were a mentor, director, friend helping us all keep on track.

Thanks for everything!”
Ann Stuart

RSVP to or just turn up. Looking forward to seeing you. — in Sunol.