Weekend Updates – Top 10’s

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Central Coast Road Series-Ft. Ord Circuit #3
Monterey, CA   Apr 12, 2015
W Cat. 4 – Catie Melanarik 2nd
Topsport Stage Race  
Apr 11 &12, 2015
M Cat. 4 – Brian Gokey 5th
M55 – West Kurihara 6th
M Cat. 4 – Michael Miu 8th
W Cat. 3 – Liz May-Gaitos 9th, Cynthia Wang 10th
Road Race – Stage 1
W Cat. 3 – [...]

Weekend Updates – Top 10’s

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Santa Cruz Classic Criterium
Santa Cruz, CA  Mar 29, 2015
M Elite Cat. 3 – Chris Gaitos 7th
Turlock lake Road Race
La Grange, CA  Mar 28, 2015
(NCNCA Masters Road Race Championships)
M Elite Cat. 5 – Jacob Salassi 2nd
M55 – West Kurihara 9th
W Elite Cat. 3/4 Helen Kim 7th
Castro [...]

Who says brain not required for TT??

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The running joke is that Time Trial race is pure brute force, brain is not required.
Well, I beg to differ!
Today I did my first TT race, Red Kite #3: Tempus Fugit, an out and back on Cull Canyon Rd in Castro Valley. I registered in the Merckx category. I didn’t expect [...]

Bariani Road Race

Field – E4
Riders: 75
Teammates: Robert, Joe, Conan
This was my first road race of the year, and I was feeling confident because my legs have been feeling great lately. It’s a mostly flat course, with a few small rollers, and a couple of bumpy single-lane sections. I lined up with Robert, Joe, and Conan, and 71 [...]

Weekend Updates – Top 10′s

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Land Park Criterium
Sacramento, CA  Mar 14, 2015
Junior 9-12 – Rebecca Melnarik 1st
Junior 13-14 – Catie Melnarik 1st
M Elite Cat. 3 – Chris Gaitos 6th
Wards Ferry Road Race
Sonora, CA  Mar 14, 2015
M Cat. 3 (USAC says PRO 1/2!) – Phill Mai 3rd
Bariani Race Race
Zamora, CA Mar 15, 2015
W PRO 1,2,3 – Cynthia Wang 7th
M Cat. 5 [...]

Weekend Report – Top 10′s

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Chico Stage Race p/b Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, CA  Feb 27, 2015 – Mar 1, 2015
Circuit Race 02/27/2015
M Elite Cat. 3 – Chris Gaitos 2nd
Time Trial 03/01/2015
M Elite Cat. 3 -Chris Gaitos 10th
Criterium 03/01/2015
M Elite Cat. 3 – Chris Gaitos 5th
Cherry Pie Criterium
Napa, CA Mar 1, 2015
M45 Cat. 4 – West Kurihara 4th
M Elite Cat. [...]

Chico Stage Race feb27-mar1

Elite 3/4 field
Maxed out at 75 riders
No Teamies!
My mind is weary after 3 days of racing, not all will be correct, but I’ll try
Stage 1: Thunderhill circuit race 75min
I’m very familiar with this course as I used to race motorcycles here. 15 corners (really only 3 corners you have to ease up on [...]

Selecting Initial Tire Pressure

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As a follow up on the previous topic of scaling tire pressure with tire width via maintaining constant tire casing tension, I would like to refer to another blog post that discusses how to find a starting point for tire pressure based on rider weight.
Since tire pressure is a combination of subjective as well as quantitative [...]

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