Great Meeting tonight

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Just want to chime in that tonight’s meeting was a big success.  Thanks to the “partners” committee in putting together a great  groups of partners.  -w

Team Ride #8 – Tour of the Dead End Canyons

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[ November 23, 2014; 8:30 am; ] Sunday November 23rd
‘C’ Development Group 8:30 SHARP ‘B’ Tempo Group 8:40 ‘A’ Group 08:45
66 miles F-4/5 (3,500 ft)
Team Ride #8 – Tour of the Dead End Canyons
The Race Team will split into groups.
The ‘A’ group is invitation only. The ‘B’ group is for all other team members who can maintain a good
tempo and guests. The [...]

CCCX Cyclocross Series Race #6

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One word: Sandy
To the credit of the CCCX race organizers, race #6 was a very different course than previous races.  The CSUMB course was flat and fast… where you weren’t slogging through thick sand.  This was a course suited for the freight train power guys, which I am decidedly not.  The previous time I “raced” [...]

Palomares TT

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Just wanted to thank Garry for setting up the Team TT event over the weekend. It was really fun and I am still feeling it today. Many of us had our best times and that really shows how hard this team works. Also want to thank Alex and Raj for their help! Without the support [...]

Cross is back!

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September 7th marked the start of the 2014/2015 cyclocross race season.  For those who aren’t familiar with cyclocross, it is basically an off-road circuit race on your road bike with the occasionally obstacle thrown in you have to run or jump over.  It is a pretty ridiculous sport, which is why I like it.
Last year, [...]

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