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Primavera Century

April 27, 2014
9:00 amto3:00 pm

The race team is working this event. The majority of the team will be at the Rios Lovell winery in Livermore

Presentation by Dr. Evan Woehl DC ART

April 28, 2014
7:30 pm

Evan is an acquaintance of mine thru my Chiropractor in Pleasanton. He is an ex pro soccer player who played in the German Bundersliga, the German top flight level.

The evening will cover, but is not limited to the following :

“I have a list of topics I usually cover: Nutrition, Sleep, Stretching, Muscle Groupings, Toxins, Stress Management, Functional Neurology… and the list goes on”

It should be an interesting evening.



Palomares TT

March 22, 2014
8:30 am

It’s been a long time since we did an official (non-strava segment) hill climb TT up Palomares.

The plan is for the team to meet at Niles, where i will set the field and provide last minute instructions. Roll out at 08:45 and ride up Niles Canyon to Sunol and back to Palomares.

The start line is at the metal sign post just before the road bears left. Please do not block the road. I am hoping to get a holder, so you can be solidly attached to your bike for the start. The finish line is just before the crest of the hill at the metal sign post adjacent top the ‘K’ rail. I am planning on putting out the usual miles to go markers.


When you finish, continue on to the dirt shoulder and DO NOT RETURN to the time keeper to get your time. The road is too narrow to have you all mingling about and becoming targets.

This event will require 3 helpers. Two timekeepers, one at start and one at the finish, who will need to coordinate watches. I only have the one stop watch. We also need the holder at the bottom of hill.

I think i already have enough people volunteering, but please do email to confirm.


Team BOARD Meeting and Event planning

March 3, 2014
6:45 pm

The team board and guests will be meeting to discuss budget for our Calaveras TT and general team business. More info to follow regarding location, time and agenda.

Palomares TT (provisional)

February 22, 2014
8:30 am
I am also considering a Palomares TT on March 22nd. For that event, we will need three helpers. Please contact me ASAP if you can assist. One will be the start time keeper, one will be the finish timekeeper and will be doing the math and the third will be the holder at the start. The rough plan for that day is for the team to meet at Niles, where the field will be set. Then a warm up ride up and down Niles Canyon. That should give you 11 miles of warm up. Maybe a short diversion in Sunol up Kilkare to get the top end truly primed as well.
The team record for Palomares is held by Bill with 18:08. anything under 20 minutes is a stonkin good time.

Time Trial on Calaveras road course – March 1st

March 1, 2014
8:30 am
Some updated info.
The plan is now to meet at the following location at 08:30 on Saturday morning RAIN OR SHINE.

This is a joint combined clinic with the Tri Valley Triathlon club. When it comes to riding to the start, I do not know what sort of level of skill these peeps are at, so be aware. Larry say’s they have a bunch of newbies.

TVTC want to have an 8 mile TT. I am going to lobby to extend to 10 miles on our standard course, which will be properly marked out.

Bernal Community Park
7001 Pleasanton Ave
Where the new kids baseball fields are.

It’s kind of hard to find the first time.  So leave yourself a couple minutes.

From 680 Bernal, turn right on Valley (where Mike’s bikes is).  Then turn left onto Pleasanton Ave at the traffic circle.
Follow Pleasanton around another 2 more traffic circles, until it dead ends into the parking lot for the park.  You will see the baseball fields, bathrooms, and a park.

From 680 Sunol, turn left on Valley, then right on Pleasanton Ave at the traffic circle.

We have the address also listed on our online calendar
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Garry Birch
Race Team President
Directeur Sportif / Serf / Promoter
Team Fremont / FFBC powered by Chipotle

Here are the results from the last TT on January 18.

1.    Chris Gaitos            24.11 (on Specialized Shiv) (outstanding time, I am stunned at this early season speed)
2.    Chris Menicou            26.08 (on Specialized Transition w/ disc wheel)
3.    Mike Lueng                26.16 (standard bike, no aero stuff)
4.    Matt Brantveyn            26.49 (on his new Franco TT bike)
5.    Mike Miu                    27.39 (standard bike, no aero stuff)
6.    Brian Gokey                28.15 (standard bike, no aero stuff – said he was taking it easy)
7.    Darryl Lueng               28.19 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT on this course)
8.    Conan Wen                30.00 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT)
9.    Nathan Beltran            30.04 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT, awesome sprint at the end)
10.    Daniel Karpelevitch    30.33 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT)
11.    Cindy Wang                32.27 (standard bike, no aero stuff)
12.    Jackie Magno              34.25 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT)
13.    Maxine Ho                    35.06 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT)
14.    Katy Truong                  35.47 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT)
15.    Jenny Peng                    38.38 (standard bike, no aero stuff – first TT)
Also, i am going to post an email with a word document that logs results from the last few years, so you can compare how your doing.

March Team Target Event – Turlock Lake RR

March 29, 2014
8:00 am


Registration opens on February 1st, not sure what time. No links to registration or event flier available at this time of posting on to our website. Keep checking in on to

for updates.

Team meeting

March 10, 2014
7:30 pm

At the Fremont Community Arts Center on Country Drive, Fremont, just off Paseo Padre and one block north of Mowry.


Start time is 19:30