TNT Oct 18th

Warning – Selfish suggestion ahead…

before 6:15pm – socialized and sign-in
six lap warm-up – off-season style = 5 laps moderate tempo (~22mph), last lap ballistically (25+mph)
two technique sprints – head up, in the drops, straight line (T2-T3)
52 sprints* – (T2-T3 and T4-Finish) for 26 laps
8pm fini

* I turned 54 on Monday. I wanted to and planned to do 54 hill repeats but only did 27 because I ran out of time (2-1/2 hours vs. 4-1/2 hours), so I want to finish what I started. You can modify these sprints any way you wish. Follow, lead, sit out, do more, go long, go short, turn around and wave… lots of options!


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  1. Freakin hell, this is gonna be a buttock kicker