Race Team ride #4

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[ October 27, 2012; 8:30 am to 11:31 am. ] Saturday October 27th                 Low-key ride

8:30 SHARP                               60 miles F-4

Race Team ride #4


On local roads, a partial exploration in and around Fremont for some areas that are great for training on.

Featuring Nike Hill, The Early Birds Circuit, Eureka Drive, The Animals, Mur de Pain and others.

The plan is to not ride hard up the hills, just say hello […]

Race Team ride #3

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[ October 20, 2012; 8:30 am to 11:30 am. 8:30 am to 11:30 am. ] Saturday October 20th                Low-key ride

8:30 SHARP                                45 miles F-2

Race Team ride #3

Alum Rock Park will be our destination. We may also include Crothers Road if it is passable.

All race team members are requested to wear their team uniform.

Rain will stop play. No stopping, no dropping.

Start from the Niles Parking Lot next to Niles Plaza Park, […]

Race Team Ride #2

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[ October 13, 2012; 8:30 am; 8:30 am; ] Saturday October 13th                Low-key ride

8:30 SHARP                               45 miles F-2

Race Team Ride #2

On roads where we can do an easy spin and practice some rotating pacelines. To the bottom of the Calaveras climb and then back to Pleasanton and Sunol. Ride will be deregulated for the sprint over the Poggio, from the Sunol ridge park staging area to […]

Race Team ride

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[ October 6, 2012; 8:30 am; ] Saturday October 6th              Low-key ride

8:30 SHARP                               45 miles B-3

Race Team Ride #1

Our first team ride of the season, on roads where we can do an easy spin

and practice some rotating pacelines. Speed limits will be enforced.

To the bottom of the Calaveras climb and then Pleasanton and Sunol.

Niles Canyon will be closed by CalTrans for their annual […]

Jakroo clothing presentation

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[ October 1, 2012; 6:45 pm; ] Jakroo is a Pleasanton based clothing company who have been interested in obtaining our business for 18 months.

They will be presenting a full range of their products, including Tri clothing.

Location is at our normal meeting room

3375 Country Drive, Fremont

One block north of Mowry and Paseo Padre Parkway

Time from 6:45 PM until whenever

TNT 9/27

Eureka and Stevenson sign in and chatting
start 6 lap warm-up @ 6:15pm
followed by three technique sprints (head up, out of the saddle start, riding in a straight line in a light gear at less than 100%)
main workout
– “first out of the corner” – three laps of holding top position then sprinting from out of the […]

TNT Sept 20

please note that we will start the warm-up at 6:15pm
therefore, sign-in before 6:15pm
warm-up is a “progressive exercise, building from 18mph to 23+mph over six laps. Smooth rotating paceline, okay to sit on.
6:30pm – two techinique sprints “perfect practice makes perfect”
**main workout**
split into two groups – one will avg about 23mph over six laps; the […]

TNT Sept 13

Team Fremont – here’s the plan for Thursday, Sept. 13
6:15 – **NEW** warm-up time – six laps progressively building to a “burn-out” pace (not the 1st lap attacks)
6:30 – two technique sprints
– followed by 12 long sprints (T2 to T3, and T4 to Finish, 2 sprints every lap for six laps)
– obstacle course – because […]

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