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TNT Thursday, August 30

Overall – we’re still “in-season” so we’re going HARD. You can modify if your goals are different (less, more, draft, lead, follow)

sign in and warm-up before 6:30pm
six lap paceline (from 20 to 25mph)
six sprints (T4 to the line) – 39x15ish, 39x15ish, 39x15ish, 53x15ish, 53x15ish, 53x15ish
two lap “miss and out” at every lamppost (glump up and don’t be at the front for more than one light post, and don’t be caught at the back)
four lap “scratch race” (two groups)
two lap “miss and out” at every lamppost (glump up and don’t be at the front for more than one light post, and don’t be caught at the back)
four lap “scratch race” (two groups)

Cheers, Larry

TNT August 23

Team Fremont – we’re going to be flexible with this workout, meaning, you need to know what you want out of this one BEFORE you show up. If you want to ride hard we will have options for you; if you want to come out, ride with less intensity, and socialize we have options for you. We’re doing this because some teammates still have some big races coming up, while others are starting to back off. That being said, 25 riders last week was a healthy turnout AND you all pushed each other through a really good workout, probably more than you would have done on your own, no?

before 6:30pm – sign-in and ready for warm-up
6:30pm – 6 laps warm-up BUILDING up speed over time. Last lap is the fastest, not the 2nd to last. Strava will help us gauge this!
two x technique sprints – not 100%, light gears, head up, in the drops, straight line (6:50pm)
four x leadout sprints – teams of two “drag race” (three teams of two riders at the same time) from turn 3 to the finish line, one leading out the other. Regroup and go again at turn 3. (7:05pm)
two laps cooldown skills drill of riding three abreast (7:10pm)
four laps “tempo race” – 1st across the line gets 2 points, 2nd gets 1 point, 3rd gets zip (7:20pm)
two laps cooldown skills drill of riding three abreast (7:25pm)
four laps “tempo race” – 1st across the line gets 2 points, 2nd gets 1 point, 3rd gets zip. (7:35pm)
two laps cooldown skills drill of riding three abreast (7:40pm)
four laps “tempo race” – 1st across the line gets 2 points, 2nd gets 1 point, 3rd gets zip. (7:50pm)
regroup and cooldown (8pm)


San Ardo Road Race

Did the 55+ which was only 2 laps and 42 miles, finished 5th.  Even though it is 2 hours plus away I like this race, even more so this year as a number of the formerly rough roads were newly paved.  Oh, pulled 5 goat heads from my tires right before the start, thanks for the reminder, Mike. This is a good course for me, no big climbs and a long uphill drag to the finish. After the second time up the long uphill the pack thinned to about a dozen guys. Throughout the race the 3 or 4 Morgan Stanley guys attacked one after another.  Most of us participated in chasing them down.

The last three miles or so I was soft pedaling at the front and since last year I got boxed in on the uphill before the left turn to the finish and finished 8th I was not about to let that happen again as I felt very good.  At the base of the hill after the bridge a Taleo guy took off and I got on his wheel, in hindsight I should have waited a rider or two but I didn’t want to miss out again.  But just as he ran out of gas about 5 guys went around us before the turn and I was able to catch on and pass one guy for 5th.  (No Morgan Stanley guys in the top 5.)  A little disappointing but hey, I got a t-shirt.  (Let’s see, a tank of gas $55, entry fee $35, San Ardo RR t-shirt, priceless.)

Patterson Pass RR- Masters State Championship

Category:35-44 age group
No in field:12
Finishing position: 7th
Position in age category: 3rd

I thought with this being the State Champs there would have been more riders in my category, two age groups were merged together so at the start there were 12 of us.
The pace started off very slow which surprised me considering most of the riders were cat 1′s and 2′s, I thought they would be off the front straight away. The pace lifted once we were passed by another group, at this point a couple of riders dropped off the back. Myself and another girl hung on a bit longer and once we were dropped we rode the last part of the climb together. Once we reached South Flynn she told me that she was only riding one lap so I carried on by myself.
Luckily there were plenty of other riders about so although I couldn’t ride with them I constantly had someone nearby so I kept the pace as high as possible.
Although I rode the second lap solo it seemed to pass very quickly although i did unship my chain with a mile to go I finished the race.
Results took a long time because with the categories being mixed if you finish outside the first six you are listed as dnp. With this being a state championship I had to wait until they split the categories and then announce who were in the top three. Eventually after about an hour I found out that I had finished third overall for the bronze medal.
I enjoy this race purely that it is close to home and is challenging. Hopefully more team members will ride next year.

Dunnigan Hills RR

Results: I finished
Teammates: none
Others racing: Mike B., Chris M. Rey S.
45+ 1/2/3 group B with about 20 racers
Temperature: 80 – 110 deg F

I drove up with Chris M. which turned out to be a lifesaver because after suffering heat exhaustion I needed the rest on the way home. We arrived about 6:30 am with lots of time to warm up,  actually too much time. I did close to a 45 minute warm up ride which was too long considering the length and temperature of the race. Last time I did this race was in 2010 when it was one lap. The extra lap and the heat made it a very different and difficult race.

The first lap was active with several break attempts. By the beginning of lap 2 a break of two was 10 seconds ahead and soon were out of sight. The field finally jumped and I missed it. Three of us worked together but then my two friends shutdown so that was the end of our race. The next thing we knew someone turned on the furnace and the temperature quickly rose to 109.4 deg.  I was out of water with several miles until the next feed zone. It was no longer a race but a challenge just to finish. Our average speed was dropping fast. We pushed on and eventually made it to the feed zone where it looked like we must have been some of the last on the course. I lucked out and got two ice cold water bottles and one lukewarm one. It wasn’t long before I was out of water again with over 10 miles to go. Somehow I managed to keep going and the three of us finished together. Back at the parking lot Chris was waiting but most of the 100′s of others had already left.

What a race. My lack of training really showed in this race. I need to do some longer riders!



Berkeley Bike Club Criterium

July 29, 2012

M35+ 4

It was a good day for racing. The M35+ 4 race started at 1135am, and after the fog burned away, it was a comfortable 68 degrees or so. I met Phill Mai before the race. He was the only teammate in our very small field of 20 riders. We didn’t have much of a plan, just try to work together as the race developed.

I don’t know why, but I felt very nervous at this race. We started at the whistle, and my mouth was already dry. Phill was ahead of me, and I figured we could ride close together for a few laps. Somehow, I just wasn’t able to keep my position, and the next thing I knew, after about 3 laps, I’m on the back of the field. The course has a very slight uphill on Thousand Oaks Blvd, and a matching small downhill on Portland Ave, so maybe that had something to do with it…

Then around lap 4 or 5, someone takes off on a solo break off the front. No one chases. He seems quite strong and stays away for 2-3 laps picking up 2 back-to-back primes. The peloton slows during the chase, and I decide maybe I should bridge. I go full gas up Thousand Oak Blvd, and get a good gap on the field. After maybe 60 seconds, I look back, and Phill is on my wheel. “Let’s work together”, he says. We stay away for a couple of laps, but were never able to successfully bridge. The peloton caught us up, and the solo break in front as well.

Just as well. I get to take a quick rest. In the meantime, Phill goes off and picks up a couple of primes for himself. He’s looking strong today. So I figure, I’ll save some energy and try and give him a good leadout with around 2 laps to go or so. The way the course is laid out, the first rider into Turn 4 onto Portland Ave has a very good chance to win. But around 7 laps to go, the peloton slows, and a rider says “Keep the speed up. Let’s stay safe.” I think to myself, screw that! I’m not going to drag you around the course!

I take off again. So much for saving energy for a lead-out.

This time, no one chases me. I’m off the front for 5 laps. I think to myself, keep going as long as you can. Phill won’t chase. He can conserve a bit as the others chase. With about 2 laps to go, the inevitable happens, and the peloton catches me. I’m able to stay within about 200 meters of the peloton, and at the finish I hear the announcer say that Phill has won the race! I was so happy, I felt like I had won myself.

Afterwards, Phill tells me that after I went off the front, only a few guys chased, and he simply followed their wheels. On the last lap, he led them all out, was first into Turn 4, and held them off to the finish. Congrats on the win, Phill! This was a very fun day of racing with certainly the most satisfying 15th place I’ve ever finished.