TNT Thursday, August 30

Overall – we’re still “in-season” so we’re going HARD. You can modify if your goals are different (less, more, draft, lead, follow)
sign in and warm-up before 6:30pm
six lap paceline (from 20 to 25mph)
six sprints (T4 to the line) – 39x15ish, 39x15ish, 39x15ish, 53x15ish, 53x15ish, 53x15ish
two lap “miss and out” at every lamppost (glump up […]

TNT August 23

Team Fremont – we’re going to be flexible with this workout, meaning, you need to know what you want out of this one BEFORE you show up. If you want to ride hard we will have options for you; if you want to come out, ride with less intensity, and socialize we have options […]

San Ardo Road Race

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Did the 55+ which was only 2 laps and 42 miles, finished 5th.  Even though it is 2 hours plus away I like this race, even more so this year as a number of the formerly rough roads were newly paved.  Oh, pulled 5 goat heads from my tires right before the start, thanks for the reminder, […]

Patterson Pass RR- Masters State Championship

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Category:35-44 age group
No in field:12
Finishing position: 7th
Position in age category: 3rd
I thought with this being the State Champs there would have been more riders in my category, two age groups were merged together so at the start there were 12 of us.
The pace started off very slow which surprised me considering most of the riders […]

Dunnigan Hills RR

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Results: I finished
Teammates: none
Others racing: Mike B., Chris M. Rey S.
45+ 1/2/3 group B with about 20 racers
Temperature: 80 – 110 deg F
I drove up with Chris M. which turned out to be a lifesaver because after suffering heat exhaustion I needed the rest on the way home. We arrived about 6:30 am with lots […]

Berkeley Bike Club Criterium

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July 29, 2012
M35+ 4
It was a good day for racing. The M35+ 4 race started at 1135am, and after the fog burned away, it was a comfortable 68 degrees or so. I met Phill Mai before the race. He was the only teammate in our very small field of 20 riders. We didn’t have much […]