Memorial day crit E4- Chris G

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This course reminded me of a baseball diamond. Imagine the out field arc, this was the longest stretch of road leading onto start/finish straight with plenty of room through the turn. Only minor flaw was cobble stone section 20? feet from apex on outside. Start/finish straight for E4 race was calm today but later race had pleasure of headwind. Going into T1 again had plenty of room however there was a curb on outside to be aware of. Roads were nice throughout course, but if I was to nitpick T1-T2 section had spots open capable of grabbing wheels. T2 was the tightest turn on course with barriers on outside leading to another curb. This one small section was about half the width of the rest of the course.

The E4 race today had a strong field and was decent sized, maybe 50? I had 3 teamies along for the ride, Brandon, Thomas and Mike B. Cornering seemed to be an issue with today’s group. Clean lines were a rarity with people actually setting up corners on the inside!? I was towards the front part of the pack when I heard the announcement for the first prime, 50$ gift card for something. I figured what the heck, that would be the largest pay day yet and I could try to wake up the legs. I moved my way through the field and was 2nd-3rd wheel about 2/3rds of the way down the back stretch. By that point I was becoming optimistic about taking the prime when 2 riders came past just before the final turn. As I looked to the leader exiting the corner I realized the gap to him was to large to close before the line, oh well, legs awake at least. I sat back in and went through the motions for a few laps. Keeping an eye on the front in noticed 2 riders off the front of the pack. After the next corner I noticed the gap had opened another few seconds. Another rider was thinking the same thing I was because he jumped off the peleton to bridge. Shortly after I jumped and bridged just before T3. We go flying through the turn and I see the riders start looking around. Uh-oh, they’re fading, I go to the front to try and keep the pace going. I look back before T1 and low and behold the whole field has caught, wasted effort. This took place at around 4-5 to go. Something for everyone out there to remember, keep an eye on the lap board! Dont rely on hearing the bell especially with prime laps where they constantly ring that thing. I say this because I got thrown off the lap count too close to the end. Here I am thinking were on the final lap, I’m 3rd wheel going into final corner prepping for sprint when I look up and see the lap board at 1 to go, Nooooooo! Now I’m on the front leading the final lap. I try to slip back into the peleton while remaining near front, not an easy task while everyone is ramping up for the position hustle. Fortunately I was able to stay in a reasonable position through to the final turn. Up and out of the saddle I sprint and hold onto 10th, the wasted efforts preceding being too much in the end. Good job to my teammates finishing close to each other inside top 25!

This was a 35min clockwise crit. Average speed was 26mph. Sprinted to 33.3mph. Average power was 209w.

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  1. larry_nolan

    nice one Chris… and a good write-up. Any teamwork to report? Larry

  2. chris g

    No real team effort was put into effect. In the closing laps Thomas came along side and asked how I felt, I replied “good” but in the moment did not think to try and put something in motion. That and the current greed for the top step at the moment. I noticed some pack cornering issues from teammates and myself at times. However that field in general would have made the most experienced rider a little nervous. Maybe something to touch on at training.