Memorial Day Crit, Morgan Hill

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Signed up for the 45+ 1,2,3 race.   This was my first real crit this year so I was a bit apprehensive about hanging in.   But the pace was fast and smooth pretty much the whole race so it was relatively easy in that there little slowing and accelerating, I think we only bunched […]

Memorial day crit E4- Chris G

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This course reminded me of a baseball diamond. Imagine the out field arc, this was the longest stretch of road leading onto start/finish straight with plenty of room through the turn. Only minor flaw was cobble stone section 20? feet from apex on outside. Start/finish straight for E4 race was calm today but later race […]

Memorial Day Criterium – Morgan Hill

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Race: Memorial Day Criterium – Morgan Hill
Place: 1st M45 4
Teammates: Mike B., Mike M.
Ave Speed: 25.1 MPH
Field: Around 60 w/ M35 & M45 combined
The sun came out for the 10:00 start of the Masters Cat 4 race, so it was nice and warm for this reptile. Nice big field with two excellent teammates to boot. […]

Mt Hamilton RR M45 3/4

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Race: Mt Hamilton M45 3/4
No teammates in my race. Geno was in the E5 field.
Field: ~50
I got my warm up riding to the start which was at 9:20. It was chilly but once we started climbing it warmed up quickly. The first climb was not hard. After Grant Park the green bike guy went to […]

Folsom Crit E5 and M35/5

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[ May 27, 2012; 8:00 am; ] Ken was generous to offer to drive and so Tony and I met at his house and zoomed up to Folsom. We were the first race of the day so we were able to get some warm up laps on the course. The course was wide for the most part, turns 2 and 3 are […]

Folsom crit E4- Chris G

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I arrived early and was able to join fellow teammates on their warm up laps before e5 race. The course layout was pretty cool going clockwise from start line into the 1st and tightest corner. With clean lines going flat out through this corner while pedaling is possible. This lead onto the longest stretch of […]

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