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TNT – May 31 @ 6:30pm (6-2-6-2-6-2, optional 6-2)

sign in before 6:30pm
6:30pm start team Fremont perfect paceline for 6 laps ~ 18 min
followed by 2 techinique sprints (light gearing, head up, hands in the drops, less than 100% as a warm-up) *** ~ 10 min
set #1 – six laps with two sprints every lap (T1 to T2 and T3 to T4) ~ 18 min
two miss and out laps – do not be the last rider on any of the “no parking” signs; you can not lead for more than one “no parking” sign ~ 6 min
set #2 – six laps with two sprints every lap (T1 to T2 and T3 to T4) ~ 18 min
two miss and out laps – do not be the last rider on any of the “no parking” signs; you can not lead for more than one “no parking” sign ~ 6 min
If willing to ride beyond 8pm
set #3 – six laps with two sprints every lap (T1 to T2 and T3 to T4) ~ 18 min
two miss and out laps – do not be the last rider on any of the “no parking” signs; you can not lead for more than one “no parking” sign ~ 6 min
Team Fremont cool down

***modifiers – lead, draft, jump early, jump late, light gearing, big gears


Memorial Day Crit, Morgan Hill

Signed up for the 45+ 1,2,3 race.   This was my first real crit this year so I was a bit apprehensive about hanging in.   But the pace was fast and smooth pretty much the whole race so it was relatively easy in that there little slowing and accelerating, I think we only bunched up once after a prime.   My goal was to finish with the pack and if I felt good towards the end to try to get in the top 15 or so (hey, there are a lot of studs out there).  I surprised myself by having no trouble and was feeling strong so on the second to last lap I start to move up from my comfortable position in the back in the pack. Coming around turn 4 before the start of the last lap I caught the wheel of a couple of guys moving up on the left outside and moved up to the top 15 or so of the riders, perfect position, but something happened a couple wheels in front of me and we all had to jam on the brakes, as the pack screamed past on the right. Caught back onto the tail of the pack and cruised in.  Good fun and glad I did it as I will be a bit more active and alert next Saturday at the ICCC shindig in Pleasanton.   Good to see all the other Burrito Brothers out there.

Memorial day crit E4- Chris G

This course reminded me of a baseball diamond. Imagine the out field arc, this was the longest stretch of road leading onto start/finish straight with plenty of room through the turn. Only minor flaw was cobble stone section 20? feet from apex on outside. Start/finish straight for E4 race was calm today but later race had pleasure of headwind. Going into T1 again had plenty of room however there was a curb on outside to be aware of. Roads were nice throughout course, but if I was to nitpick T1-T2 section had spots open capable of grabbing wheels. T2 was the tightest turn on course with barriers on outside leading to another curb. This one small section was about half the width of the rest of the course.

The E4 race today had a strong field and was decent sized, maybe 50? I had 3 teamies along for the ride, Brandon, Thomas and Mike B. Cornering seemed to be an issue with today’s group. Clean lines were a rarity with people actually setting up corners on the inside!? I was towards the front part of the pack when I heard the announcement for the first prime, 50$ gift card for something. I figured what the heck, that would be the largest pay day yet and I could try to wake up the legs. I moved my way through the field and was 2nd-3rd wheel about 2/3rds of the way down the back stretch. By that point I was becoming optimistic about taking the prime when 2 riders came past just before the final turn. As I looked to the leader exiting the corner I realized the gap to him was to large to close before the line, oh well, legs awake at least. I sat back in and went through the motions for a few laps. Keeping an eye on the front in noticed 2 riders off the front of the pack. After the next corner I noticed the gap had opened another few seconds. Another rider was thinking the same thing I was because he jumped off the peleton to bridge. Shortly after I jumped and bridged just before T3. We go flying through the turn and I see the riders start looking around. Uh-oh, they’re fading, I go to the front to try and keep the pace going. I look back before T1 and low and behold the whole field has caught, wasted effort. This took place at around 4-5 to go. Something for everyone out there to remember, keep an eye on the lap board! Dont rely on hearing the bell especially with prime laps where they constantly ring that thing. I say this because I got thrown off the lap count too close to the end. Here I am thinking were on the final lap, I’m 3rd wheel going into final corner prepping for sprint when I look up and see the lap board at 1 to go, Nooooooo! Now I’m on the front leading the final lap. I try to slip back into the peleton while remaining near front, not an easy task while everyone is ramping up for the position hustle. Fortunately I was able to stay in a reasonable position through to the final turn. Up and out of the saddle I sprint and hold onto 10th, the wasted efforts preceding being too much in the end. Good job to my teammates finishing close to each other inside top 25!

This was a 35min clockwise crit. Average speed was 26mph. Sprinted to 33.3mph. Average power was 209w.

Memorial Day Criterium – Morgan Hill

Race: Memorial Day Criterium – Morgan Hill

Place: 1st M45 4

Teammates: Mike B., Mike M.

Ave Speed: 25.1 MPH

Field: Around 60 w/ M35 & M45 combined

The sun came out for the 10:00 start of the Masters Cat 4 race, so it was nice and warm for this reptile. Nice big field with two excellent teammates to boot. The first two laps were fast and it was breezy, so I just focused on staying tucked-in to the peloton to conserve energy. Mike B. was pulling of the front… There were four premes with guys off the front for each one, but fortunately none resulted in a break as the field was pretty keen on pulling them back each time after crossing the line. Mike M. nearly won one with a big sprint against a Webcore guy. Overall it was pretty fast pace with M35’s pulling off the front. My strategy was to keep an inside line and near the middle or towards the front of the pack. Before I knew it I notice the lap paddle at 8 to go, so I started to focus more on position in the pack while staying out of the wind as much as possible. With three laps to go I’m really looking to be in 5th position or better without catching a lot of wind. The front of the pack takes off on the final lap and I pull off the front with ¼ lap to go. It was my plan to make the jump and hold on for dear life. I go into the final turn in first place and on the pedals at around half way through the final straight to the finish. Three M35’s catch me in the final 75 meters, but still good enough for first place in my age Cat!

Mt Hamilton RR M45 3/4

Race: Mt Hamilton M45 3/4
No teammates in my race. Geno was in the E5 field.
Field: ~50

I got my warm up riding to the start which was at 9:20. It was chilly but once we started climbing it warmed up quickly. The first climb was not hard. After Grant Park the green bike guy went to the front and picked up the pace. I held on until the third climb about 20 minutes before the top. It’s too bad I did not push harder to keep with the lead pack. I started descending with one guy but he was taking it too slow. Another guy flew past us so I went faster but I never saw him again. So I was alone until the top of the small climbs after the big descent. Finally about 10 guys caught up to me so I was able to make good pace without blowing too much energy.

I had one hand on the bars fumbling in my pockets for food when I hit a hole and nearly crashed. Fortunately there was no one on my left because my bike skipped across the lane but I managed to regain control.

We had some rotation efforts but there were only a few of us working. After the Junction one guy pulled ahead about 100m. The pace was slow and we were not rotating. I decided to bridge the gap but the pack did not follow. After sitting on his wheel I moved up to pull but he did not keep up. Without really trying too hard I had put some good distance between him and the pack. We still had 20 miles to go but there was a big group ahead so they apparently were not concerned with working too hard. I felt good so I forged on at a strong pace passing lots of riders but all from other fields. I imagined this could have been a perfect break if it were not for the small group ahead of me! Finally I caught one from my group but he was too tired to work with me. With about 5 miles to go I picked up a cat 4 in my race. He had cramped so all he could do was hold my wheel. I did not mind and at the 200m to go I pulled ahead. Not sure how many were in the lead group but I heard it had shattered. I probably finished between 10-20th. It’s too bad I separated on the Mt Ham climb because I really felt good after that.

The ride back to Fremont was enjoyable too. I rode with a few people that were going all the way back to the start.


Folsom Crit E5 and M35/5

May 27, 2012
8:00 am

Ken was generous to offer to drive and so Tony and I met at his house and zoomed up to Folsom. We were the first race of the day so we were able to get some warm up laps on the course. The course was wide for the most part, turns 2 and 3 are a wide arc that run into a 90 degree turn 4. This was the first time I had entered 2 crits on the same day, I was hoping to finish in the main group in both races.


The E5 race was a bit sketchy, there was a lot of speeding up on the straighter parts of the course, and a lot of slowing into the corners (especially turn 4) with varying abilities to maintain a line through the corner. Through turns 3 and 4 the group spread out wide across the road, and then riders would get squeezed out on the narrower turn 4. I decided to stay in the front half and be on the outside on the turns. There was a crash (1 guy) on t1 of the last lap, the group was still together on the last turn and I rode in towards the back of the pack.


The Masters 35+ 5 was much calmer, riders maintained a more even pace with good pedaling through the corners. A couple of guys tried to breakaway but they were caught. At lap 3 my legs were feeling a bit tired but I hung on to the back. There was a crash on the inside of t4 on the last lap that took out 5-6 guys, I was on the outside and was able to get past and finished in the middle of the pack.

Thanks to Ken and Tony for traveling up together,

Congrats to Chris G. for 3rd in the E4.


Folsom crit E4- Chris G

I arrived early and was able to join fellow teammates on their warm up laps before e5 race. The course layout was pretty cool going clockwise from start line into the 1st and tightest corner. With clean lines going flat out through this corner while pedaling is possible. This lead onto the longest stretch of pavement (all of which is in excellent condition) which continuously arced to the right. By the way, the roads are WIDE! Moving onto the next actual corner, which is again tight by this courses standards, this corner is faster than t1 and leads onto start/finish straight again. I say start/finish straight but it actually arcs left. This section had a slight head wind today. Zero elevation change.

Onto the e4 race! 70+ riders, the largest field I’ve raced in. It was extremely nerve racking to think of the peleton shifts through the arcing sections and worse yet a bunch sprint! Scheduled for 40min the race started fast. Although primes were available my more recent goal is to WIN! That being said my race was fairly subdued as I conserved until the end. I sat in the pack watching the front for breaks, went with the speed changes as primes came up and just meandered throughout the field with relative ease. As the 9lap board was about to fly a crash on the back “straight” neutralized the field. I thought the crashes at Modesto were the worst I’d seen, the aftermath of this one was brutal, almost lost my breakfast. Thankfully rider was OK, or that’s what they told us. Officials cut race to 7 to go and off we went. A few more primes and I became more active on moving towards front with 3 to go. A local team had good organization with a 5 man lead out train with 2 to go. They burned their fuses to quick though. Bell lap, I got a clean line though t1 and pushed up to around 6th wheel on course. I say on course because I was off to the right of the pointy end of the peleton on another wheel which I thought would be good. Turns out that wheel was no good and riders start going by on the left, I’m boxed in! Finally an opening before we reach the final turn. I shoot through the gap and to the left side of the road so I can carry speed through the turn, money! 4th on course I accelerate right out of the corner. I can see 1st and 2nd and I’m closing! This is were I lost the race for the 2nd time. As I’m closing I have to decide were to pass. I shoot to the right of the leaders (as the course arcs LEFT!) lunge and we all cross within half a bike length of each other! Dang! Hindsight is always 20/20 but if I hadn’t lost 3-5 spots getting boxed in and given up 10-20 feet moving to the outside on the sprint…

Overall, it was an awsome race. Largest fields of the year, music blasting, primes, great course with unique layout. It was worth the drive and to make a day of it there’s great riding in the area. Highly recommend to all teamies and kudos to those that were there today!

TNT May 24 observations (point –> drafting!)

Yesterday’s TNT was a test. #1 – The winds were of epic proportions. #2 it was my hope that teammates would be inspired by West’s story of his 16th double century ride like I was. West repeatedly mentioned the benefits of drafting off tandems and in doing so helped him save valuable energy. Last night I brought out my time trial bike so that I could be that tandem. I set a fast pace in hopes of riders taking pace off of my efforts. As I circled for 45 minutes I was shocked that riders did not snag my draft. Worse yet is that as I passed riders I saw way too many solo efforts. Sure, you can say that you wanted a hard workout and you got one if you went solo, but the point is that you are a team and you ought to look out for eachother. Encourage teammates to get on a wheel, rest up and/ or suck it up. We all know that there are races out there that are more difficult than some of our workouts. We workout this hard so that we can play in the races, not just hold on for dear life.

Normally we do a lot of sprints at TNT and that’s cool, but this is a race team and one of the biggest lessons that you can learn in racing is to grab the DRAFT!

Enough said about that. Let me know if you have any questions or comments or feedback.

one-lap efforts
Alex 2:20
Roy 2:12
West 2:03
Phill 1:58
Thomas 1:59
Mike 2:06
Oliver 1:54
Chris M 1:55
Chris G 1:57
John 2:00
Arthur 2:00
Ken 2:21
Eric 2:02

Overall – thanks for the efforts last night. Epic winds and lots of lessons learned! Larry