Wente Road Race

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[ April 28, 2012; 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. ] That was a hard race.

The first time up Carrol was all out, I was off the back and the group split. I got back onto the 2nd group but was off the back again on Greenville. After that I rode with some other stragglers, most of them bailed on the 2nd lap. I caught up […]

Wente RR M45+4,5

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Teammates:  Just about everyone in a whole slew of categories.
Teammates in M45+4,5: None (Gonzalo had to work and could not make it)
Results: maybe in the 40s of a field of 73
Hey, it was perfect weather.  Gary had the tent and support kit out.  Keith was in the feed zone supporting the morning races.  Thanks guys!
Our […]

TNT – April 26

**new** I’ll be there no later than 6:15pm to answer any questions you may have. FFBC pays me to run these sessions so please take advantage of this opportunity.
before 6:30pm – sign in and be ready for warm-up
6:30- 6 lap “perfect” paceline warm-up from 18 to 23+ mph (now that the sun is out […]

Belated Regalado RR Report

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Team mates: Bill Brier, Rey Surla, Chris Gaitos, Michael Baxter, Gonzalo Carrillo, Roy Taylor
54 miles
Cat: 4 (women)
Result: 2nd
Field size: do I really have to say? Ok – 2
I tried to post this report right after the race, while the details were fresh in my mind, but WordPress and I had a spat and I lost. […]

Beat the Clock TT

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Race dates Feb 18, 2012 and Apr 7, 2012  Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer TT
On Feb 18th, Myself (Patricia Benson) and Sandra King were participating.
On Apr 7th, Myself (Patricia Benson) and Sandra King and Chris Menicou were participating.
On Feb 18th I arrived early but was unable to get a good warm up in (nerves, […]

TNT April 12, 2012

Back to Eureka and Stevenson – so, let’s have some fun!
+ sign in prior to 6:30pm if you can
+ 6:30pm warm-up paceline building from 18 to 23mph over 6 laps
+ short sprint technique demo, two technique sprints (small gear, in the drops, hips first, arms bent, head up and not 100%)
+++ main workout – 60 […]

TNT – Thursday, April 5

Please be prepared to roll BEFORE 6:30pm as we are heading away from the Eureka-Stevenson course!
+ before 6:30pm – signed in and ready to roll (maybe you rode over, good!). Ask any questions about the workout.
+ route – Cherry- Central- Thornton- Dumbarton Bridge- dirt road- Alameda Creek Trail- Coyote Hills- Nike Hill- Don Edwards […]

Topsport Stage Race

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Stage 2- Time Trial
My start time was 11.13, it was windy and cold but at least it didn’t rain. My legs were still tired from the previous day, they felt ok in warm up but I knew with the wind and the first five miles being uphill I was going to have a hard […]

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