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TNT March 29 – tempo and/ or sprint

sign in and start warm-up @ 6:30pm
6 laps in a progressively faster paceline that not only looks smooth and fast. but looks like a team that is working TOGETHER
- two technique sprints (corner 2 to 3, light gear, head up, in the drops, centered over your bike, not 100%)
- tempo and/ or sprint, together again! split into two groups and “tempo” as a group for six laps (example, one group may ride at 24mph and the other at 20mph) with the option to sprint away from the group. If you sprint you are welcome to go short, go long, go big gear, go little gear, go headwind or tailwind, go through a corner or on the straight, go when a teammate goes or go solo… or just ride tempo! Lots of options.
- re-group and recovery for a lap
- repeat tempo and sprint for six more laps
- we should easily get in three sets
- cool down TOGETHER


upcoming ideas
- recovery week, what does that look like?
- a “real” sprint workout
- straying off course (off Eureka and over to Paseo Padre Parkway, over to Dumbarton, off-road at Coyote Hills, hill repeats on Palomares and more)

Wards Ferry

Decisions, Decisions… Do I really want to race?  All the weather reports show Rain, Cold Temps, and my favorite thing of all, The WIND.  Should I risk riding with an Elbow that was fractured 5 weeks ago?  And that Course!  45.2 miles with 4600 vert ft. of Pain.  This is all I had on my mind for the past few days, and all the way up to the starting line.  Luckily the bad weather never materializes, and Geno and I Survived.
Wards Ferry is a very hilly course.  You are either descending down a twisty narrow road (rough at sometimes but not bad), or climbing.  The climbs aren’t actually very steep or long, but always present behind the next turn.

Lap 1 and 2.  Geno and I decided that the best way to approach this race was to ride cautiously, and sit in the pack.  We figured that most guys were going to hammer early, and end up dropping died from exhaustion, or crashing.  Unfortunately this game plan did not work.  I totally mis-judged the abilities of my Cat 5 peers.  Almost from the beginning 7 of 18 guys started charging very aggressively down the twisty road.  As speeds reached >40 mph through the curves, I decided to ease up a little, and figured I would catch up on the next rise.  This was another critical error.  Next thing I know I’m riding by myself.  The Echelon of 7 are over 200  meter in front of me, and don’t see Geno or the rest of the Gruppetto behind me.

Lap 3.  The chase is on.  I figured it was going to be now or never.  At this point the lead Pack was just a fuzzy dot in front of me, but I didn’t give up hope.  It seemed that I was able to gain some on every hill.  The problem I had was the hills were not quit long enough to make the catch.  Every time I started reeling in the Pack, I would lose everything I gained on the next down hill stretch. @#$  !!!.  Luckily the last 2 km before the finish had a couple of climbs that were just long enough for me to bridge the long gap.

Lap 4.  The tempo actually slowed down at the Feed Zone.  Thank God.  This gave me some needed time to re-hydrate, and just sit in.  With 1k to go 3 guys attacked.  I knew I didn’t have the Legs, and felt the best thing to do was try to stay with the remaining 4.  With 200 meter to the finish, the chasing 4 started to charge up the Final Hill.  I had just enough in the tank to sprint around them and finish in 4th…. What a day..  John L

TNT – March 22

Sprints are on tap… let it flow!

Sprint tips – move up to anticipate the surge in speed; follow wheels if you are gassed; ramp up speed if teammates are coming off your wheel and winning; when in doubt, lead it out!

Prior to 6:30 – signed in and ready for a team warm-up
6:30pm – 6 lap progressively faster paceline. We will ramp it up so that we actually pop off riders this week. Dropped riders regroup and chase.
- 2 technique sprints, light gear, good form, not 100%
- two sprint points – from corner 4 to finish line (headwind) and corner 2 to 3 (tailwind)
1 lap small ring (focus on relaxing to get higher cadence), 1 lap big ring = 4 sprints
- one lap recovery/ re-grouping
1 lap small ring (focus on relaxing to get higher cadence), 1 lap big ring = 4 sprints
- one lap recovery/ re-grouping
1 lap small ring (focus on relaxing to get higher cadence), 1 lap big ring = 4 sprints
- one lap recovery/ re-grouping
1 lap small ring (focus on relaxing to get higher cadence), 1 lap big ring = 4 sprints
- one lap recovery/ re-grouping
1 lap small ring (focus on relaxing to get higher cadence), 1 lap big ring = 4 sprints
eventually it gets close to 8pm and we scram home. See you there! Larry

Land Park Criterium, Sacramento

Combined 45+/55+ 1,2,3,4 (though I didn’t see any 4′s on the lists). 40 minutes.  69 riders.  7th in the 55+

If you haven’t done this race you should try it next year, it was a great work out and fun. The course and the pace fit well with what we do at our TNT.  Even though it is in Sac there was little traffic and not too many cops and I got up there in about an hour and a half. The race is more of a circuit race than crit. The mile long course which runs through Land Park is closed and the payment is great.  They added a couple of chicanes to slow the pace, which ironically were the site of a number of crashes, at least in the 4′s and 35+, according to Eric Camacho to whom I parked next and who rode those races (he placed 8th in the 35+ 4′s). Eric is still a beast.

The highlight of my day was watching my grandson and granddaughter who rode the Under Age 5 race and placed better than their grandfather, at least they got ribbons.

The race was pretty quick and I was on the rivet for much of the first half of the race.  But the pace would usually let up approaching the chicanes so we all would bunch up and then get out of the saddle and sprint. So it was fighting for position every lap.  Oddly we had, I think, three one guy crashes and they were on the straights, touch of wheels or something. On the last lap everyone was diving Kamikaze like into the chicanes and involuntary internal defenses kicked in so I lost my good position. About half of the field had been popped off by the time it really heated up and I cruised in towards the back of the pack.  I should have been up closer and I could have easily improved on my 7th place in the 55+.  I think I was probably about 25th – 30th or so overall from what I could tell.   Back to the car and did some St. Paddy’s Day carbo loading (Guinness Stout) with my son-in-law, then more celebrating at Dad’s Restaurant, just a few blocks away, which was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives for their blue cheese infused burger – heavenly. Dad’s is a great dive and so reprobates like Zig and Mike B. would feel right at home. Wife drove home.

Merco RR

Categories: E4′s

Team Mates: Mike, Chris G, Ganzalo

Disstance: 50 mi

Result: 22nd


The race stared quickish. The race then when we hit the bad pavement sections where the pace increased a lot. I went with one or two brake away attempts, but nothing was sticking so I decided to stop going with moves because none were going any where.

After the first lap I began using Mike as a pilot fish. I would stay right behind him so I could see how he would move through the pack with hardly any effort. I did this a little on my own and found that it is much less work. Moving up on the outside or inside is harder because you take more wind.

With about 3 miles to go I was in perfect position. I was following a lead out train, but saddly with about .5 mile to go the train blew up and I found my self boxed in. I then spent all the rest of the race and the rest of my energy trying to un box my self. I did finally do it but my legs were beat. So I rode in with 22nd.

Chris G did great he came in 7th!

Merco Crit

Category: 4′s

Team Mates: None

Place DNF

Average Speed: 23mph

My day started well because I was able to pre-ride the course. Then I went off and did my warm-up. When I was finished I headed to the line and awaited the start. The race started fast. As we raced round there were several attacks, especially when  one of many $50 primes were offered. After about 5 laps my back tire blew out. I made my way to the pits where they gave me zipp 404s. Thank you Larry for reminding me to get a back wheel that had a Jr. cassette. Once I got the new wheel I rejoined the race. I had never ridden zipps so I was unprepared for the speed and handling  in the corners. It was very fast. When I rejoined the race I was greeted by a flurry of attacks. A few laps later going into a tight left hand turn I almost crashed. I do not know what happened, I think I may have got my wheel stuck in a road crack, but midway though the turn my back wheel kicks up and out to the right. Luckily I managed to stay up right. After that I could feel a problem with my back wheel, it felt wobbly.  The pace of the race was raised again with multiple attacks, but no one could stay away. Then with just two laps to go my back wheel flatted again.This was probably because of my near crash, and because I do not have brake pads made for carbon wheels like 404s so I was probably messing the rim of the wheel up when I would brake. When I got to the pits they said there was no more Jr wheels, and even if there was the free lap rule had ended, so unfortunately  I was forced to take a DNF. This crit is one of the most fun races I have ever done, I wish my luck was better because I had good legs that day.

TNT – March 8, 2012

repeat of Feb. 23, since I couldn’t make it.

sign in, socialize and stretch before 6:30pm
+ 4 lap warm-up, 18mph, then 20mph, then 22mph, then 24+mph
+ one lap recovery to discuss what went right and what can be improved
+ 4 lap warm-up, 18mph, then 20mph, then 22mph, then 24+mph
+ one lap recovery to prepare for technique sprints (good form – light gear, head up, in the drops, hips start the sprint, core keeps it solid, do not go 100%
+ 5 laps “use and abuse” – groups of 3 to 5 riders cooperate for 4 laps and then attack each other to try and win
+ one lap recovery to discuss, switch if desired (too fast or too slow)
+ 5 lap “use and abuse” repeated until 7:50pm
+ 10 minutes cool-down

I hope to see you there! Larry