Wards Ferry

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Decisions, Decisions… Do I really want to race?  All the weather reports show Rain, Cold Temps, and my favorite thing of all, The WIND.  Should I risk riding with an Elbow that was fractured 5 weeks ago?  And that Course!  45.2 miles with 4600 vert ft. of Pain.  This is all I had on my […]

TNT – March 22

Sprints are on tap… let it flow!
Sprint tips – move up to anticipate the surge in speed; follow wheels if you are gassed; ramp up speed if teammates are coming off your wheel and winning; when in doubt, lead it out!
Prior to 6:30 – signed in and ready for a team warm-up
6:30pm – 6 lap […]

Land Park Criterium, Sacramento

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Combined 45+/55+ 1,2,3,4 (though I didn’t see any 4’s on the lists). 40 minutes.  69 riders.  7th in the 55+
If you haven’t done this race you should try it next year, it was a great work out and fun. The course and the pace fit well with what we do at our TNT.  Even though […]

Merco RR

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Categories: E4’s
Team Mates: Mike, Chris G, Ganzalo
Disstance: 50 mi
Result: 22nd
The race stared quickish. The race then when we hit the bad pavement sections where the pace increased a lot. I went with one or two brake away attempts, but nothing was sticking so I decided to stop going with moves because none were going any […]

Merco Crit

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Category: 4’s
Team Mates: None
Place DNF
Average Speed: 23mph
My day started well because I was able to pre-ride the course. Then I went off and did my warm-up. When I was finished I headed to the line and awaited the start. The race started fast. As we raced round there were several attacks, especially when  one of […]

TNT – March 8, 2012

repeat of Feb. 23, since I couldn’t make it.
sign in, socialize and stretch before 6:30pm
+ 4 lap warm-up, 18mph, then 20mph, then 22mph, then 24+mph
+ one lap recovery to discuss what went right and what can be improved
+ 4 lap warm-up, 18mph, then 20mph, then 22mph, then 24+mph
+ one lap recovery […]