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TNT – Thursday, Jan. 26

I’m bringing the forms, please try to arrive before 6:30pm

- 6:30pm paceline warm-up for 6 laps (18mph on lap 1, then 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23+mph on the last lap). Pull longer if you feel stronger, sit on if this is too much.
- two technique sprints (light gearing, looking ahead, in the drops, centered on the bike with a good form – driving the bike forward)
- ten sprints from corner four to the line (long and into the wind, lead it out if you feel great, follow a wheel if you can, come off a wheel if you are good!)
- intermission with tight 180 degree turns to prepare for Cherry Pie Crit (skills drill, not a speed drill)
- ten more sprints from corner four to the line (modifiers – more if you have more, less if you want to save your mojo)

See you there, Larry

One Response to “ TNT – Thursday, Jan. 26 ”

  1. Gaz Says:

    awesome session tonight. My horrible lack of fitness soon showed up. Nineteen team mates made for a crowded road, but we all stayed up safely.