Team Ride 12/10/11 report

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This weekends ride was a planned ride out to the Pescadero RR course and do a lap of reconnaissance

I scheduled that we meet at the Sharron Heights shopping center on Sand hill Road in Menlo Park. It turned out to be a good jumping off point, with a Starbucks, CVS and Safeway right there to cope with any last minute emergencies.

The majority of the ‘A’ Group met in Niles and rode out from there. this added another 46 miles to their day, for a grand total of somewhere around 103 miles, plus a whole heap of climbing.

It was pretty darn cold when we we met at 08:20. The ‘A’ group consisting of Bill, John Berg, John Lem, Sandra, Chris Menicou and Nick Marshall who rode out and West K and one of our new juniors Brandon Chen who drove out soon got signed in and rolled out. The ‘B’ group was myself, Wynn K, Penny Peng, Doug Ward, Ken Obata and Lindsay K.

Our first obstacle was Old La Handa. It has been too long since I rode up this classic climb, and I was not disappointed. It was a terrific climb and I really enjoyed it. We regrouped at the top, crossed Skyline and dropped down the otherside to join 84. The pace picked up on the slight descent and it was a lot of fun. Too much fun in fact, has Penny, Doug, Ken and myself missed the left on to Pescadero Road and went 5 miles out of our way before we put th eanchors on and rode back to rv with Wynn and Lindsay, who had stopped in a sunny spot on Haskins Hill.

Another nice ascent, and then the techical drop down to Pescadero. Onto Stage Road, and I was disappointed to see that the steel sculpture of teh soldier was gone. Climbing Stage road ws nice in the sun and then the next descent to San Gregorio, where we refuelled. Back on to 84 we completed the lap and then began the climb of Alpine. i have never done Alpine, and was amazed how scenic and quiet it is. i think in the 8 miles of climbing, we saw three cars. I definately want to go back and do that climb again.

Lindsay was beginning to feel the effects of the vertical challenge and distance, but kept up a slow steady pace the whole way up. It was a very impressive show of determination. By this time i had waved Ken and Doug on so that they would not be too delayed on the return.

We headed north on Skyline and then came back down La Honda (84) and made that really hard right turn on to Portola. A left on to Sandhill completed teh journey. With the additional mileage I clocked 76 miles and about a bazillion feet vertical. I may round that up for the official ride sheet number.

I hope the ‘A’ group had as much fun as I did.


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  1. Alex_Cortez

    Damn I miss this ride, I love to ride on the Penninsula everywhere you ride is so nice and it’s got nice climbs hard enough to make you suffer but inviting you to comeback one more time,the penninsula’s rides are like a drug!
    the descent on the 84 going to Woodside is so fun and fast not too technical but with a good amount of twist to keep you alert,I hope to join some time soon,but for now I have to work my butt really hard to try to persued my manager to let me go on the weekends =:)