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TNT – September 1st

September 1, 2011
6:00 pmto8:00 pm

it’s almost time for lights so let’s start on time, please! paceline warm-up until 6:30pm; 2 technique sprints; then we will so some endurance blocks. 2×8 laps with 2 laps rest. To be done individually but you can ride a few bike lengths off the rider in front and use them as a pacer.

We will then do a few cool down laps and go home and get a good nights sleep.

TNT August 25 – Attack!

it’s almost time for lights so let’s start on time, please! paceline warm-up until 6:30pm; 2 technique sprints; five laps of tailwind and headwind sprints (2 per lap equals ten); attacking practice until you can’t attack no more! (cooldown in the “pack”). See you there. Larry

TNT – August 18

paceline warm-up until 6:30pm, 2 technique sprints, break into groups of 3, 4, or 5 teammates (mixed abilities) and team time trial for 3 laps. First effort- do not drop any riders (stronger pull longer/ weaker may not pull at all). One recovery lap/ discussion. Second effort- can only drop one teammate (pace is higher!). On recovery lap/ discussion. Third effort- only one teammate needs to finish (think “leadout”). Headwind sprints will follow, then cooldown. Larry

TNT August 11

whew, Jr Nationals, Tour de l’abitibi and Camp are behind me… its time to get fit and have fun with our workouts!
paceline warm-up until 6:30 (not 6:45ish ;-); 2 technique sprints; 3 laps “take a wheel” paceline; 5 laps tailwind and headwind long sprints (10); 3 laps “miss and out”; 5 laps points race – sprints every lap (5-3-2-1), cooldown together. Larry

Nocturne Grand Prix Series #1 E4

It really didn’t look like this series was going to take place. Though he had to push it back a month, Brian put on the first race last Friday night.  The course uses part of the Early Bird course. Though it’s a shorter meaner version. From the start finish line you go straight into the first hairpin. Turn 2 is a left hand 90 that takes you into some really crappy pavement. Go up about 1/4 mile to the second hairpin. Turn 4 is a right 90 (turn 1 at the EB’s) then a short jump back to the start finish line. There was a lot of loose gravel at the apex of the second hairpin. Wynn and I swept it the best we could but, it still was quite dusty. Made for a slippery 180.

For the race I was surprised to see about 15 of us at the line (only 6 prereg). Things were running late so we didn’t get to start till 8:00pm. At first I was tentative on the 180′s. It took a few laps to find my comfort zone on them. Once I did I started to have fun. Being a small group we played well together.  We pretty much stayed together the whole time. Anyone trying to attack was brought back quickly. The wind had a lot to do with that. Though not horrendous the Fremont wind tunnel was churning like usual. Nice W/NW wind at about 10 mph  for the 4′s race. It was almost home field advantage for me. Same wind we deal with on Thursday nights so, I knew how to stay protected.  The first 15 minutes or so we were jumping hard out of the 180′s. 7 or 8 laps of that really saps your desire to dig every time. Think interval workout. So the last 5 laps were pretty mellow till the bell.  The last lap was full on but I was asleep at the wheel. I knew what wheel I wanted but when it mattered I didn’t have it. I wanted to be on Bobby’s wheel from SJBC but I ended up being on his teammates wheel. So ended up railing the second hairpin and chasing like a madman to eek out a 5th place finish. Doh!

I had a bunch of fun and plan to do more of the series if I can.  Anyone who can should give this race a try.  You will certainly get a great workout.