TNT June 30

Thursday, June 30 plans – firstly, come with a plan.  How hard will you ride?  how many efforts will you do?  Do you need teammates to push you?
Paceline until 6:45pm, 2 technical sprints, 4 laps with 8 sprints (2 to 3 and 4 to 1 times 4 equals eight sprints).  Farlek paceline means you jump […]

2011 Burlingame Criterium 35+ Cat 4

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Second race on the day for me. The report for this one should start in the parking lot first though. I’m sure many of us have seen a rider in the parking lot and had that “oh crap” feeling. Usually it’s for one of two reasons. Reason one, said rider is super strong or reason […]

Playing Catch-Up

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Since Apple Pie Crit… I’ve had some unremarkable results:
Wente RR E3- DNF
Wente Crit E3- crashed
Tues Night Track- p123- 6th (?)
Dash for Cash Crit E3- 16th, &  p123- DNF
Mendes Crit E3- 26th
which brings me to Saturday’s CCCX races in Monterey.
CCCX- E3 (9th) & P123 (DNP)
No teammates-
This course is a beast and even though both the races […]

2011 Burlingame Criterium E4

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This is just a classic race! A great course, awesome atmosphere and an aggressive field make it one of my favorite races of the year. I think we lined up with about 50 guys for the E4 race. It was also Oliver’s first race as a 4 as well as his first time lining up […]

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Race: Pescadero Costal Classic RR
Date: Saturday, 6/18/11
Category: M45+ Cat 4
Finishing Place: 30/75
Other Team mates in race: Chris M
92 guys were registered for the M45+4 race, the largest group, but only 75 started.  On the Promenade out through town, we almost had a few mishaps due to the pace motorcycle having to slow quickly.   The first […]

2011 Joseph Mendes Crit 35+ Cat 4

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Mike – First place on podium
Second race of the day for me. After finishing the E4 race I was pleasantly surprised to see that my wife and 2 boys had come out to cheer dear old dad on. Figured I better perform. Again we rolled out with about 50 (older) dudes. First few laps were really […]

2011 Joseph Mendes Crit Cat 4

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This event is held in Pleasanton just off of the intersection of Hopyard and Stoneridge. Pretty typical 4 corner flat crit. Pavement is great and there aren’t any bots dots just reflectors. Pretty short course at .84 miles. Turn one was a sweeper and the rest were all standard 90’s. From the last turn it […]

TNT – June 9 “Get er done”

Pace line warm-up until 6:45pm, 2 technique sprints, 2×2+1=4×6=24&17 (2 sprints per lap – 2to3 and 4to1, 2 laps = 4 sprints plus 1 lap recovery.  Six sets = 24 sprints, then cool-down and go home.  Modifiers: stay late for extra credit; cut out early; lead or follow wheels; sit out a few or go […]

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