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Mt Ham RR CAT 5/PUB 2011

I decided not to ride to the event and drove from home to the start. this was  a good idea because I was pretty waisted by the end of the race, turnes out it was much faster and harder than I had expected. I arrived about 30 min early so I could get warmed up before the start and all the stuff your suspose to do pre-race. I didn’t get much of  warm up, I hoped that the start of the climb was a couple of miles away so I could use that. Unfortinatly the climb start almost right out of the school. As we began the ascent, the pack of about 50 split in half and started to string out pretty fast.  I was not ready to start gunning for placement yet, I was unsure how I my legs were going to respond since this was the most climbing I have attempted this year. I was hoping to find a nice strong pace that would challange me but not kill me too early since we still had something like 4k of climbing to do. I grouped with about 5 guys and vollyed back and forth to for the whole climb. We passed a bunch of people but it was hard to determine who was with what group and it felt like we were way behind the split. As we approached the 5 k mark there were a few attacks back and forth, one guy split with another rider from the B group and stayed ahead of us. I was spent and curling my toes at this point. Like a heavy train making it over the pass I kept repeating just finish, just finish, just finish. At the 2 k marker I was alone, working real hard to keep my pace. I found a little sprint for the last 500 meters and crossed the finish line, thank God ! I thought I was going to be about 25th or so but finished 15th. Not too shabby, given this was a public race with out an age group. Decided that I need to hammer some more and train a little harder. Looking forward to the next one. Congrats to Bill on his podium placement, and Sandra on her placement as well (is that right Sandra ?).

Mt Hamilton RR report

Mt Hamilton M45 3/4 Podium 2011

Mt Hamilton M45 3/4 Podium 2011

Mt Hamilton RR
May 29, 2011
Team mates – none
Other team mates racing – Sandra and Dan
Results: 3rd
Category: 45+ 3/4
Field: ~50

This is usually a 45+ 1/2/3 race but this year they did away with the start on the other side of the mountain for the 4/5s and added a 3/4 race. I was able to stay with the lead riders to the top of Mt Ham. It was a little easier than the 1/2/3 race where there is no shortage of great talent but the pace in this race was still strong and there were plenty of guys that popped on the big climb. There were some small attacks on the last of the three Mt Ham climbs but the lead pack reached the top together. There were at least 20 of us. The descent was fast and my brakes howled like mad. Along Mines road the winds kicked in but our group kept a strong pace.

After the Junction ThirstyBear attacked. Someone said it’s a long climb so they were not concerned. His teammate managed to bridge and the two of them were going hard. Mostly two Webcore guys and myself worked to catch them. Almost immediately ThirstyBear attacked again and again. He never gave up and it paid off. On the last climb he had a short gap and crossing the bridge he had 10 seconds. We were going so hard there was no lull before the sprint. I was worried I would blow up so I didn’t chase as hard as I could have. When I saw the 200 m sign I knew this was it so I went hard. ThirstyBear’s teammate was ahead. We caught him at the finish  but not soon enough to pass. Another few meters and I would have been first. I’m still very happy with the result which got me on the podium. This was the first race I’ve placed in the top few where they had a podium. It was cool getting a podium picture!


TNT May 19

Firstly, decide what YOU want to get out of the workout.  Will you go all out for every effort?  Will you work on positioning, pacing, teamwork and other tactics that you can use in a race?  Will you sit back and observe others to expand your ability to read a race?  Decide these things before you head over to Eureka and Stevenson for this workout, okay?  Warm-up paceline “together” until 6:45pm; 2 technique sprints; 2 tailwind sprints; 2 headwind sprints; split into groups of 3 (or 4) and ride 2 laps “together”.  Key- stronger riders pull longer, weaker riders may not pull at all.  You must finish together!  Rinse and Repeat two more times.

Summary – warm-up, 2 techinique, 2 tailwind, 2 headwind, 2 laps paceline together, 2 tailwind, 2 headwind, 2 laps paceline together, 2 tailwind, 2 headwind, 2 laps paceline together, cool-down.


Wente RR

TNT May 12 – sprints

Easy to write out, not so easy to do!  Then again, it’s why we train together because we’d never do 24 sprints on our own this hard!  Paceline warm-up until 6:45pm, four “tailwind” sprints (2to3), four “headwind” sprints (4to1), four “long” sprints (3to1), four “tailwind” sprints (2to3), four “headwind” sprints (4to1), four “long” sprints (3to1).  Cooldown.

Typical Modifiers: lead them all for extra work, follow for less work, stay and do more or do less.  Lots of options! 

Sprint Training Reminders: eyes and head up the road; good techinque drives the bicycle forward, not side to side; practice coming off a wheel; practice going faster at the end; pratice your strengths and your weaknesses; have fun with others!


Berkeley Hills RR Report

May 8, 2011
M45+ 1/2/3
Teammates: none
Result: 12th
Laps: 2.7

We had over 60 starters in this field. The first time around was uneventful and we still had a large pack after a full lap. After turning off Dam Rd and hitting the short climbs a group of five took off. Since those were some of the top riders it looked like the break might hold but on the last lap on the same climb the pace picked up fast. Driven by Safeway we drilled it down the long hill then right on Alhambra. I held on with this pack of about 12. We passed another race group then by the time we turned on Bear Creek we caught the break and others from the field caught on. So we had a hill top sprint finish. I was probably about 20th at the 200m mark. I managed to pass a few riders in the last 30 m so that was nice but I realized I should of tried to move up more earlier. I was happy I finally had a race without some kind of issue messing me up so overall I was pleased with this race.


Wente RR Report

April 30, 2011
M45+ 1/2/3
Teammates: none
Result: 27th
Laps: 4

This was an incredibly windy day with the strongest winds on Greenville Rd. The first lap was fast and hard and for a while I thought it might be my only lap but when we hit Greenville Rd the pack pretty much shutdown, so it was good recovery time. Passing the S/F at such an easy pace I figured I would continue on. Each time up Carol I tried to be near the front of the pack so I would not get dropped. The pace was not too hard up the climb but on the 3rd lap I started having mechanical issues with my derailer. That caused me to slip to the back on Flynn Rd then it was a struggle to stay on at times. One the fourth climb I couldn’t shift lower than my 19 cog so I was gapped. Fortunately there were about five others with me and we finally caught the lead pack on Greenville Rd. Limited to my 39/19 I couldn’t hold a good position on the final climb so I was nearly last of the lead group coming in at 27th place. It was a fun race and I was happy I was able to stay with the lead group.


Lessons in Brevity: Apple Pie Crits

4/3 Apple Pie Crit e3, 23rd of 100, no teammates

Three weeks in between races.. a bit unusual for me.  It’s a strategy I am trying (hard) to stick to this year, to give my body more rest between races and picking mostly the ones that I am suited for.  So I came into this race feeling fresh (or rusty?).  Solid field, basically as big as any I’ve been in.  Quick start, a lot of accordion effect happening on the corners, and on the open lane towards the finish was met rudely with a headwind that could probably stop an elephant in its tracks (but apparently not a peloton of 100 racers, go figure).  Same old, same old (I should’ve contested some primes in-between, ah next time) then the bell lap rung and the field immediately was strung out.. I was on the end of the snake’s tail… sprinted through the last corner and saw that I was too far out.. didn’t want to risk a stupid accident and decided to save the pistons for the next race.

A few hours later.. same day… Apple Pie Crit, p123, DNF of 120, no teammates.

3 things learned.

1) Two champions showed up… Holloway and Rearney aka the towers of pain (of which my legs were the recipients).   2) The pros are FAST.   3) I tried… down to about 40… lights went out.  See #1 & #2.  DNF.