Mt Ham RR CAT 5/PUB 2011

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I decided not to ride to the event and drove from home to the start. this was  a good idea because I was pretty waisted by the end of the race, turnes out it was much faster and harder than I had expected. I arrived about 30 min early so I could get warmed up […]

Mt Hamilton RR report

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Mt Hamilton M45 3/4 Podium 2011
Mt Hamilton RR
May 29, 2011
Team mates – none
Other team mates racing – Sandra and Dan
Results: 3rd
Category: 45+ 3/4
Field: ~50
This is usually a 45+ 1/2/3 race but this year they did away with the start on the other side of the mountain for the 4/5s and added a 3/4 race. I […]

TNT May 19

Firstly, decide what YOU want to get out of the workout.  Will you go all out for every effort?  Will you work on positioning, pacing, teamwork and other tactics that you can use in a race?  Will you sit back and observe others to expand your ability to read a race?  Decide these things before […]

TNT May 12 – sprints

Easy to write out, not so easy to do!  Then again, it’s why we train together because we’d never do 24 sprints on our own this hard!  Paceline warm-up until 6:45pm, four “tailwind” sprints (2to3), four “headwind” sprints (4to1), four “long” sprints (3to1), four “tailwind” sprints (2to3), four “headwind” sprints (4to1), four “long” sprints (3to1).  Cooldown.
Typical […]

Berkeley Hills RR Report

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May 8, 2011
M45+ 1/2/3
Teammates: none
Result: 12th
Laps: 2.7
We had over 60 starters in this field. The first time around was uneventful and we still had a large pack after a full lap. After turning off Dam Rd and hitting the short climbs a group of five took off. Since those were some of the top riders it […]

Wente RR Report

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April 30, 2011
M45+ 1/2/3
Teammates: none
Result: 27th
Laps: 4
This was an incredibly windy day with the strongest winds on Greenville Rd. The first lap was fast and hard and for a while I thought it might be my only lap but when we hit Greenville Rd the pack pretty much shutdown, so it was good recovery time. Passing […]

Lessons in Brevity: Apple Pie Crits

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4/3 Apple Pie Crit e3, 23rd of 100, no teammates
Three weeks in between races.. a bit unusual for me.  It’s a strategy I am trying (hard) to stick to this year, to give my body more rest between races and picking mostly the ones that I am suited for.  So I came into this race […]

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