2011 Menlo Park GP E4

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Enjoyed this race in 2010 so I was looking forward to doing it in 2011. Had not raced since the Merco RR in March and hadn’t lined up for a crit since the last EB in February. So my main goal for this event was to get back into the flow of racing.
  The course […]

TNT April 21

Team Paceline until 6:30pm, 2 technique sprints, stop and discuss our plan: four 5-lap “points races”, sprint to the finish line and counting points in your head.  One full lap of recovery.  Modifiers: try to win every sprint if you want to go hard; sit in the draft if you don’t want to go hard; […]

TNT – April 7

Thursday Night Training – April 7 – paceline warm-up until 6:30pm, 2 form sprints, 4 for real sprints (2 to 3, and 4 to 1) over 2 laps, then “time trial” practice for the rest of the night,  Time trial practice goes like this: a) know exactly what you want to get out of the […]