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TNT – March 31

Perfect pace line warm-up starting at 6:10pm; ready for 2 technical sprints at 6:30, then into the workout: “Buddy sprints”.  Yes, it’s time to take our sprints to a new level, and to have some fun too.  Sprints every lap for 20 laps.  Five from turn 4 to 1 (headwind-long), Five from turn 2 to 3 (tailwind-short), five from turn 4 to 1 and five from 2 to 3.  Modifiers: match up with a faster teammate; change up your buddy; lead it out and try to hold them off; follow and try to come around; drag race; slow start/ rolling start.  The goal of the session is to “stay with your buddy” for every sprint, riding as close to each other (safely) as you can and getting in a great workout.  Also, try to anticipate the sprint and learn about your strengths and areas to develop.  5 lap cool-down TOGETHER.  See you there, Larry

Calaveras TT race info

The Calaveras TT race info is (finally!) on the site. Read the Calaveras TT page for more info.

March 17 TNT – Happy St Patricks Day!

Please join us for some exercise BEFORE you celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Prefect pacelines (concentrate on good lines in the corners even when we are NOT going fast) until 6:30pm, 2 technique sprints, and then we go straight into the session: 2x4x3 sprints!  So, we sprint all the way from corner 2 to 3, slow, sprint from 4 to 1, slow and repeat 3 more times.  Rest 3 laps and go again for 2 more sets.  What we are looking for: slowing after the sprint will help you recover, because the sprints are long and the stretch in between is short.  Regroup for the 3 recover laps.  Modify with just 2 sets or stay on a wheel, or lead BUT you want to sprint, not just roll fast around the course.  If your condition holds for all 24 sprints you are fit (for March!).  If you are winning sprints but have a hard time with 24 you are fast but not yet fit (its okay, its March!).  If you sit at home and read this the team is getting faster without you!  See you there, Larry

TNT March 10

Sign in, Perfect Paceline Warm-up until 6:30pm, then a one-hour “points race” with sprints every lap.  Yep, that’s about 25 sprints!  Modifiers include taking a lap, losing a lap, leading, drafting, sprinting every other lap, stuff like that!  This workout fits in well with your early season preparation as you try to build speed and fitness.  I just wanted to mention that now so that your workout has some meaning!  Larry

2011 Merco Road Race 35+ Cat4

Met Bill at his place around 8:15am. Loaded up then we boogied on over to Gaz’s crib. Rained steady all the way over to Dublin. The three of us hit the road around 8:45am or so and had an uneventful ride out to the course. It was still lightly raining when we arrived but stopped while we were getting kitted up. Started to warm up on Olsen Road but made a quick u-turn back to the truck to get some more clothing (good choice). Stopped by Gonzo’s car to tell him 15 minutes to race time. He misunderstood me and thought I meant 12:15. Race time was 12:10.  Temps were in the upper 50′s and the winds seemed calm around the parking area.

   Only 40 or so of us rolled out on time. Unfortunately, Gonzalo wasn’t among us. I spent the first few miles moving around the bunch looking for him. Pace was moderate as we headed west on Keyes Rd. Wind was out of the SE so we had a bit of a tailwind at first. After the left onto Bledsoe we got our first taste of the wind. A nice stiff crosswind from our left side. Nothing at all like the calm conditions at the start.  A few attacks would go but nobody ever got away. It did create a bit of a schizophrenic pace that really sapped the legs. The crosswind/headwind sections of the course kept everyone honest. Spent some time on the front in the first lap and even considered trying to get in a break but it seemed obvious that no one was interested in battling the wind on their own. The turn onto Cox Ferry brought a brief respite from the wind and so the pace picked up. I moved up towards the front of the group in anticipation of the long rollers on Cox Ferry. First time up the went smooth and even gained position going up.  After turning left back onto Keyes we had our only real tailwind of the course so this seemed to be pretty quick. I didn’t notice our speed but I didn’t feel taxed by the pace. Lap two was a repeat of the first. Though on the headwind section we slowed to what seemed like a crawl. On the long straight section of Turlock Road I started to feel some twinges in the legs. Always a bad omen for me but I was feeling good and having fun so I just ignored it. Left onto Cox Ferry for the last time and the pace ratchets up. I moved up towards the front already thinking about the finish. Hit the first roller in the top 15 or so. That’s when the quads cramped up nice and tight. Went out the back right quick and ended the race solo.

   After having some asthma problems and not being able to breathe at Snelling, I really enjoyed my self at Merco. Well till I cramped, that always sucks. Look forward to doing this race next year.


Merco Road Race Report from Garry

Merco RR, nr. Merced and Snelling

Sunday March 6th, 2011 – race start at 12:00
Category M45+ 1/2/3
Team mates, – Bill Brier
Chris Menicou, Gonzalo Carillo and Mike Baxter also raced in other categories.

Got picked up by the Baxtermobile at 08:30 and was quickly packed and on the road. In under two hours we were there.
Weather was overcast, no wind or light winds as we prepared, the roads were wet and the odd drizzle came down but the forecast was for improving conditions.

Bill and i had a brief discussion about plans for riding the course and what we may do at the finish, 48 miles and two laps away. We went for a warm up and i immediately had the “oh dear” feeling, as my legs felt blocked and heavy and did not change through out our 25 minute pre ride.

We set off from the start line with a large group, maybe 70 riders. The first leg is a cross wind / tail wind and it was not long, maybe only 300 yards before the first attack went, with Dirk Cowley of pinging off the front. He was brought back soon enough, then a group of three made a good effort. They stayed up the road for maybe 10 miles, but persistent chasing efforts eventually brought them back. I was not watching my computer, but it seemed pretty darned fast. i was riding top 20 for the first 10 miles but was consistently swamped and eventually did not maintain consitent concentration to stay up there and slipped back, WHICH WAS A MISTAKE.

I was doing OK physically, and when we swung on to bumpy Cox Ferry Road I was not worried, I was well positioned on the left (wind coming from right) and managed to maintain position on the first slope. Going over the top more efforts were made at the front and the pack strung out over the next couple risers. When the pack descended to the left turn, it was a long line of riders, and i was towards the back of the field and behind one guy from the Wells Fargo team who had already gapped me once before. I should have known, but it was still disappointing to see this dude let the gap go again. We were heading up the risers thru the Snelling feed zone area and it was one long line of pain, and this WF guy could not close the gap and i did not have the gas and the void grew larger and larger. Riders behind me sprinted past and I was at full gas plus and unable to respond, so they rode away.

I maintained pressure and time trialled, but my HR would not go up and the legs felt like crap. One of those days. I decided to try and hold off the field behind, making a deal with myself that I would give myself a beer if i could maintain the gap and not get caught for the next 12 miles. Another popped rider caught me and we began swapping turns, and then we caught JD Gildford of Morgan Stanley who had succumbed to cramp. We trundled on and was eventually caught by a lethargic cat 4 field just before the climb on Cox Ferry. The beer was well earned. Talking to JD, he said that the first lap was about the quickest he had experienced on that circuit, so that was maybe a factor in my demise, that and the fact i only train for 7 hours max per week. Oh, and i was on my training wheels.

Still managed to average 21.4 mph for the ride.

Thanks for reading