TNT – March 31

Perfect pace line warm-up starting at 6:10pm; ready for 2 technical sprints at 6:30, then into the workout: “Buddy sprints”.  Yes, it’s time to take our sprints to a new level, and to have some fun too.  Sprints every lap for 20 laps.  Five from turn 4 to 1 (headwind-long), Five from turn 2 to 3 […]

Calaveras TT race info

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The Calaveras TT race info is (finally!) on the site. Read the Calaveras TT page for more info.

March 17 TNT – Happy St Patricks Day!

Please join us for some exercise BEFORE you celebrate St Patrick’s Day!
Prefect pacelines (concentrate on good lines in the corners even when we are NOT going fast) until 6:30pm, 2 technique sprints, and then we go straight into the session: 2x4x3 sprints!  So, we sprint all the way from corner 2 to 3, slow, sprint […]

TNT March 10

Sign in, Perfect Paceline Warm-up until 6:30pm, then a one-hour “points race” with sprints every lap.  Yep, that’s about 25 sprints!  Modifiers include taking a lap, losing a lap, leading, drafting, sprinting every other lap, stuff like that!  This workout fits in well with your early season preparation as you try to build speed and […]

2011 Merco Road Race 35+ Cat4

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Met Bill at his place around 8:15am. Loaded up then we boogied on over to Gaz’s crib. Rained steady all the way over to Dublin. The three of us hit the road around 8:45am or so and had an uneventful ride out to the course. It was still lightly raining when we arrived but stopped […]

Merco Road Race Report from Garry

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Merco RR, nr. Merced and Snelling
Sunday March 6th, 2011 – race start at 12:00
Category M45+ 1/2/3
Team mates, – Bill Brier
Chris Menicou, Gonzalo Carillo and Mike Baxter also raced in other categories.
Got picked up by the Baxtermobile at 08:30 and was quickly packed and on the road. In under two hours we were there.
Weather was […]