Cantua Creek RR- E3

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Teammates: none
Result: 23rd of 41
It wasn’t pretty.  Lots of action tho.
Breakaway #1, failed.
Breakaway #2, failed.
Crash avoided, successful.
Puddle avoided, failed.
Latch back on group, barely.
Last rise before finale, dropped.
Good workout, successful.
Lived to race another day, yep.

TNT Feb. 17 – SPRINTS!

I’m back for this workout and looking forward to the workout, even if it’s wet out.
“perfect” pace line warm-up and ready for two technique sprints at 6:30pm.  Two groups sprinting together.  Lap 1 – Corner 2 to 3- small ring short sprint (2 light posts), corner 4 to 1- big ring long sprint.  Lap 2- […]

Cherry Pie E3

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Teammates: none
Result: 40 of 56 (but intact!)
The unofficial first race of the season was a crashfest.  Nice.  I was forewarned though from friends & teammates in the earlier races.  Those of you who think it may be safer in the higher cats due to better bike handling are in for disappointment.  The speed’s faster, the […]

Thursday Feb 3 Training

unfortunately I will not be able to make this training session.  I’ve been invited to join the USA U23 and women’s National Teams in Carson, CA
Let’s start some sprinting… sign in, pace line warm-up until 6:30pm (yes, I’ll get better about this ;-), 2 form sprints, 2 lap effort, 4 small ring sprints from 4 […]