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Giro Di San Francisco – Team Target Event #8 (the last one for 2011)

September 5, 2011

This is on the same course as used for ages. It is just off the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

Winters RR or Dunnigan Hills – Team Target Event #7

August 27, 2011

There is some debate about which event we should choose, either Dunningan Hills, which is actually flat, has very large fields and has a rep as a crash fest, or Winters RR. Winters RR is more lumpy, but is not uber hard, and the selections make the event safer.

Coyote Creek Circuit Race – Team Target Event #6

July 10, 2011

This event is down in South San Jose, off Highway 101. Richard should know this course, he trains on the hill regularly. The course is about 1.75 miles long with a nice 1/2 mile climb each lap. Not too steep, it favors power climbers.

IC3 Dash for Cash Crit – Team Target Event #5

June 4, 2011

Another local event where i hope we get a large turnout, and again in Pleasanton, near the Dublin Pleasanton BART Station

EBC Pleasanton Criterium – Team Target Event #4

May 22, 2011

Your basic four corner crit. Nothing fancy, just fast and furious.

Wente RR – Team Target Event #3

April 30, 2011

The East Bay Classic. Again, we could do with help manning the feedzone and the base HQ simultaneously.

Berkeley Hills TTT – Team Target Event #2

March 27, 2011

This event will have on-line registration thru At the time of writing this, there is no link.

The course is a challenging lap of the same course used by the Berkeley Hills RR, with the last section covering the 3 Bears climbs. It’s a tough one.

More details to follow hopefully


Snelling RR – Team Target Event #1

February 19, 2011

Need i say more….well maybe I do

As a TTE, the team management will be providing logistical backup, and dependent upon how successful our open promotions are at generating funds, some financial reimbursement as well.

If you cannot ride or do not want to ride but will be attending Snelling, please contact me ASAP. i may have a job for you (feedzone etc.)