Thursday night August 26

Hello team – we’re planning to spin more circles on the Eureka-Stevenson course… and we’re hoping you can join us.
warm-up paceline
2 technical sprints
survey to find out what you want out of this workout and talk about “modifiers” – things you can do to train at more or less intensity
get to that wheel
italian pursuits
match sprints – […]

San Ardo Road Race 2010 E4

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Last Saturday was the San Ardo Road Race. San Ardo is a little farming town off of Hwy 101. Just a little further south than bumf#%$k Egypt. Tony Dzoan met me at my house around 4:45am and we headed out after loading up. Stopped in King City for coffee, along with about 100 other racers […]

Dunnigan Hills RR

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M45+ 1/2/3
Full field
1 lap 48 mi
This was a sprinter’s race so my only hope was to join a break but this did not happen. We had three crashes. The first was in a right turn and I don’t think anyone was too hurt. There was a small break but they made a wrong turn ending […]

Eureka! (Aug. 12 time splits)

Success! 10 riders completed the workout… warmup, 1 lap, 5 min rest, 1 lap, 10 min rest, 1 lap, sprints!
Sandra – 1.59.18 – 2.09.13 – 2.04.96
John – 1.54.70 – 1.59.07 – 1.57.52
Bill – 1.51.96 – 1.54.07 – 1.54.38
Chris – 2.12.79 – 2.02.75 – 1.58.15
Mike C – 1.58.05 – 2.02.62 – 1.58.15
Alec – 2.04.46 – […]

Thursday August 12 plans

Hello team – a critical component to sprinting (and cycling fitness in general) is to understand your weaknesses and to play to your strengths. I’m a big fan of field testing, especially for those that do not train with power so here’s the plan for tonight:
– thorough group paceline warm-up until 6:45pm, which is […]

August 5 Thursday Night Training

I’m back from Canada and anxious to lead this next Thursday Night training session… please try to invite a friend or encourage a teammate as we all know how much more fun it is to suffer TOGETHER!
Since I have been away for so long I don’t know what you want to do. So I’m […]


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Took 1st at the Timpani Elite Cat 5 race Sunday morning. Short race, only 35 min long and flat and not too fast, the average was about 23.7 per Polar cycle computer. I stayed in the front for most of the race keeping an eye on the San Jose Race Team that was well represented. […]