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Thursday night August 26

Hello team – we’re planning to spin more circles on the Eureka-Stevenson course… and we’re hoping you can join us.

warm-up paceline
2 technical sprints
survey to find out what you want out of this workout and talk about “modifiers” – things you can do to train at more or less intensity
get to that wheel
italian pursuits
match sprints – drag race style
flexible here for your needs

San Ardo Road Race 2010 E4

Last Saturday was the San Ardo Road Race. San Ardo is a little farming town off of Hwy 101. Just a little further south than bumf#%$k Egypt. Tony Dzoan met me at my house around 4:45am and we headed out after loading up. Stopped in King City for coffee, along with about 100 other racers and pulled into San Ardo around 7:00am. Being a TTE Garry had a sweet spread laid out for the team. Got reg’d and kitted up then went to the usual long line for the bathroom.  The Velo Promo guys let everyone know about the prevalence of goatheads all over the place. I was extra careful and luckily didn’t puncture. Erik, Jorge, and I were the Team Fremont dudes in the 4′s and we had 7 other guys in different categories. Nice team showing.  Did a 5 mile or so roll to warm up then lined up and waited for the start.

The 4′s were slated for 3 laps of 23 miles plus one more trip up the short feed hill to a left turn and then the finish. All told 70 miles. Race was sold out with a decent waiting list so I figure we rolled out with close to 65 riders. We headed west out of town across a narrow bridge and onto the feed hill. Under the freeway and out into the fields and vineyards. The roads are awful. I remember some bad sections from last year but this year it seems like the whole course was jacked up. The pace was down right mellow at first. The first few rollers felt like a social ride. After a bit Erik got bored and went to the front. He raised the pace and people started grumbling in the pack. Jorge rolled up at asked him to ease off a bit.  I was comfortable either way, just happy to be out on my bike. The course continues north paralleling Hwy 101.  The first half is rolling but pretty easy, all big ring stuff. Once you cross back over 101 there are one or two short climbs then it is flat back to town. Oh and the road still really sucks. First lap was pretty boring. A small group went off the front. Erik tried to bridge but stalled out in no man’s land. They were all brought back in short order. We rolled back through town as one big happy family. On the feed hill I got a textbook bottle handup from Brian. Much thanks! I went to the front to keep an eye on things. Chased down a few break attempts and tried to stay active. Faster pace on the second lap but not hard by any means. Once again came through San Ardo gruppo compacto. Jorge was out though due to a puncture. As we enter the feed zone for the last time some numbskull puts in an attack and gets a gap. Talk about a bush league move. A few other guys bridge up to them so we have a small group off the front. One of the guys Andreas from Bicycle Planet was riding strong so the group decided to chase. Not very organized I might add. With all the groups on the road it is difficult to tell who is who. The moto told us the break had 30 seconds on us. The pace goes up and we are clipping along on Cattleman Rd pretty quickly. Finally swallow up the guys on the front but no Andreas. He was still off the front never to be seen again. Coming into town for the third time was a little hairy. A lot of people in the road and guys doing goofy crap in the group made it interesting. We cross the narrow bridge all bunched up. We were rolling pretty mellow and some dude in the back goes nuts. Screaming and yelling to pick up the pace or make way. Ummm I think you new what was coming and should have positioned yourself a bit better for the finish. He finally stops crying and passes on the left. Guess the center line rule didn’t apply to him (from same team as feed zone attack guy). Whatever, we hit the hill and the hammer drops. I get out of the saddle to move up and my legs said “SIT DOWN!!”. Nuts. Grind up the climb seated. Try again to make a move just before the turn and legs say ” Sorry mate race is over for you”. Oh well. Cross the line midpack in 33rd position.  Better finish than last year but not enough long rides in my legs lately. I like this race but the road conditions are terrible. I may not be back next year for this reason. Like to give a big thanks to all the team support we had . Brian and the rest of the Duncan family, Dave G and of course Gaz. I heard a few envious comments about the setup Garry had out for us. Also props to all the racers who made it down there even if your day didn’t go as planned. Gotta give Ziggy his due also. First race of the year for him was 92 miles with the P12 hammerheads, nice ride man.

Mike Baxter

Dunnigan Hills RR

M45+ 1/2/3
Full field
1 lap 48 mi

This was a sprinter’s race so my only hope was to join a break but this did not happen. We had three crashes. The first was in a right turn and I don’t think anyone was too hurt. There was a small break but they made a wrong turn ending their fun. The pace was high enough for most of the first half discouraging attacks. Shortly after the second feed zone there was a bad pile up. VOS was face down moaning. Those remaining upright neutralized themselves then the pace was pretty easy. On the final stretch the pace was too slow. We strung out for a few minutes but it did not last. I started thinking this will not be good for the finishing sprint. The finish is about 200m after a right turn and an I-5 overpass. We were bunched up for the right turn and before the top of the bridge there was another bad crash to the left of me. A small group was already sprinting ahead. I finished without being passed but at that point I’m not sure how much racing was going on behind me. It was crazy having so many crashes. I hope no one was seriously hurt.


Eureka! (Aug. 12 time splits)

Success! 10 riders completed the workout… warmup, 1 lap, 5 min rest, 1 lap, 10 min rest, 1 lap, sprints!

Sandra – 1.59.18 – 2.09.13 – 2.04.96
John – 1.54.70 – 1.59.07 – 1.57.52
Bill – 1.51.96 – 1.54.07 – 1.54.38
Chris – 2.12.79 – 2.02.75 – 1.58.15
Mike C – 1.58.05 – 2.02.62 – 1.58.15
Alec – 2.04.46 – 2.08.66 – 2.09.08
Thomas – 2.05.46 – 2.08.11 – 2.08.43
Bas – 2.10.44 – 2.06.76 – 2.00.50
Dave – 2.16.06 – 2.20.12 – 2.22.11
Mike B – 1.52.19 – 2.00.37 – 2.00.91

Variables – warm-up routines (yours vs. group); time between efforts; stress (work, life, family); hydration and nutrition; pacing; cornering; clipping in; August fitness/ speed; aero position; wind and many others.

Most importantly is to take these numbers, write them in your training log and then compare them to next month, next year or past performances. Thanks for the solid workout today! Larry

Thursday August 12 plans

Hello team – a critical component to sprinting (and cycling fitness in general) is to understand your weaknesses and to play to your strengths. I’m a big fan of field testing, especially for those that do not train with power so here’s the plan for tonight:
- thorough group paceline warm-up until 6:45pm, which is to say that you may be leading the group or you may be sucking wheel so that you are prepared for…
- one lap field test (for time, in 10 second intervals)
- 5 minutes recovery – roll around as you wish or get yourself ready for…
- one lap field test (for time, in 10 second intervals)
- 10 minutes recovery – roll around as you wish or get yourself ready for…
- one lap field test (for time, in 10 second intervals)
- recovery
- sprints as we have time, energy and motivation

The intent with this drill is to find what your one lappers do to you. Are you falling apart on number 3? are you recovering between number 1 and 2? how does the 10 minute recovery affect you? are you changing your pacing? and, so much more!

See you there tonight! Larry

August 5 Thursday Night Training

I’m back from Canada and anxious to lead this next Thursday Night training session… please try to invite a friend or encourage a teammate as we all know how much more fun it is to suffer TOGETHER!

Since I have been away for so long I don’t know what you want to do. So I’m thinking about a mix of sprints and team time trialing for the big race coming up…
warmup paceline until 6:40pm
2 technique sprints
5 laps with sprints from corners 2 to 3 and 4 to 1
2 laps recovery
5 laps of team time trialing, split by speeds (and numbers)
2 laps recovery
sprints or more team time trialing



Took 1st at the Timpani Elite Cat 5 race Sunday morning. Short race, only 35 min long and flat and not too fast, the average was about 23.7 per Polar cycle computer. I stayed in the front for most of the race keeping an eye on the San Jose Race Team that was well represented. Also kept an eye on the laps board this time to verify the final lap.  Last lap I dropped into my new 11 tooth cog and waited for a break. A Palo Alto  rider sprinted just before the 4th corner on the outside. I bolted, looking for a wheel to grab to the finish but ended up  passing everyone. Made it to the finish by a length in a half and flew my arms up way after the finish line, a little bit in disbelief. Reached a new max H.R. at 179, won a metal, and validated to my wife and son all the training. I’ll bring the gold to the next meeting. Hope everyone is doing well and I am looking forward to the next ride..