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Berkeley Crit Masters 4/5

All and all a good race, not too hard core but dominated by the lime green team Taleo???? Don’t know where they come from but they were 9 deep.. Stayed in the front through most of the race, and kept up with the green leaders for most of that time. They tried a few breakaways early on but were reeled in.. Lots of chatter and shouting over what I thought was normal racing stuff. Only saw one crash might have heard two. In the end I took 5th, I miscalculated the finish and thought there was one more lap, when the final turn came up I realized the sprint was on  and jumped  too late…….. Bummer! Won some stuff that made it worth it. I would like to thank our team leader for the support, thank you Gary. Hope the rest of the team had a great weekend.

Downtown Lodi Cyclefest E-4/5

2nd take at the same race, which was a lot slower. I had a good showing and had a breakaway  going with a previous breakaway buddy. With 3 to go 5 spokes broke on my rear wheel when I was taking a quick drink. Ouch.

Downtown Lodi Cyclefest M35,M45,4/5

First of all let me say that 4 categories in one race is probably not a good idea… As far as the course the roads were in good shape with only a few wholes in the asphalt. The course it self was a figure 8 that was kind interesting with a long straight section on the backside, with the inner parts of the course being refered to as coblestone like (its brick). The brick sections were not slippery but they were on the inner sections of the course and they were also more narrow than the rest of the course and with the mixed group caused a lot of unneccesary slow down. So if you were not in the front you were geting left behind because of people slowing into the corners. So when racing this course be sure to stay in front :-) While racing I got a flat in about the 10th lap and I recalled the announcer saying that Williams was offering neutral wheel support and Icould get into the race up until the 7th lap. So I hopped, slipped, and slided over to Williams and got a wheel put on and jump back in at the last possible second. After 1 lap as back at the front trying to find someone to work with but other seemed to be looking for someone’s wheel to hang on so I dropped back a bit and got blocked on th last lap on the long straight section and ended up pulling in 17th. I liked this course but the turns were pretty narrow and the parking stalls along the street were pretty distracting. I seen a rider get pushed of the course and bunny-hop onto the the parking stall divider and onto the sidewalk. I also wish that they would have pulled riders from the field when they were out of contention.

Erik Camacho

Registration is still open

Hey folks the registration is still open for our next TTE in Albany/Berkeley Criterium so far is only Chris Menicou and I.

Here is the link:

Ride to Sierra Rd.

Any takers,Meet me @ the regular spot (Niles Parking lot) tomorrow @ 8:00 am sharp we will climb Sierra and come back tru Felter rd/Calaveras rd/Old Calaveras rd the rest of the ride you know it let me know.

Alex Cortez

Atwater “Big Creek Lumber Criterium” M35+4

Race 2 of the day and some more familiar faces. The pack did not seem interested in working and Carl from IC3 decided to jump, I took off with him which we soon joined by the same TVV guy. From Lap 5 to 20 the pack never even came close. Idid not realize until after the races but I had just changed mt cleat and had broken a 3 of my mounts on my shoe on my lead leg. I knew my sprint was affected but Iwas still able to spin. We crossed the finish line unchallenged 1,2,3

Erik Camacho

Atwater “Big Creek Lumber Criterium” E4/5

This was the race that replaced the Oakland Criterium… The course was like a big track. The S/F was half way down a straight away which lead into a nice long 180 to another 200 yard staright away to 2 90 degree turns on the backside. My goal for this race was points and I talked to a few familiar faces from Tri Valley Velo. About 3 laps in a guy from Santa Cruz broke away with a Junior and no one thought they would last long. 3 laps later when it was decided that no one in the pack was interested in working a TVV jumped off the front and another TVV launched me up where I bridged up and we worked together for the rest of the race and stayed in front of the pack.

Erik Camacho

Leesville Gap RR

Leesville Gap RR

Result: 11th

My initial plan was to try and stay with the leaders on the major climb and hopefully make it in subsequent break. A few minutes before the start Hans asked me if I would join him in an early break to get through the worst road sections ahead of the field and hopefully stay away long enough to make the climb and perhaps even better. He figured if two of us went someone else would probably follow improving our changes. Hans was in the front and immediately after the neutral start he took off.  I was blocked by the front row so I couldn’t follow him. He made a good gap and was quickly out of sight. I could hear VOS talking and Rick said if someone else goes he would follow. As soon as I had a chance I attacked from the right. It went perfect. Within a minute Rick had caught up to me then we turned right and caught Hans in another few minutes. We were clear of the field. The three of us worked together through the potholes and gravel but were caught by a dozen or more just before the major climb started.  I don’t think it was the entire field.

Even though we got caught it was a good plan. I was too tired to try and stay with the leaders for the climb but I did well enough to be in a chase group with four guys ahead. Two VOS and two Olympia guys. Hans tried another attack after the feed zone but the gap did not last. Of course VOS had no interest catching the break so there were only about eight guys rotating. This race can be hot but we had winds keeping it cool. Getting closer to the finish we turned right with a tailwind. Hans said he would attack after the final left turn coming up where we would have a crosswind and the field would slow down. This was another good plan to avoid being out sprinted at the finish. After the turn it was only a couple of miles to the finish. Hans attacked hard and I was right on his wheel. We passed a rider on the right which messed up my rotation. After I did a pull I did not think I had enough to keep up that pace. When I rotated off I saw Rick on my wheel with the pack behind him. A gap formed and Hans was quickly off on his own.  He stayed away and got within 10 seconds of catching the break, which was less one VOS rider, taking 4th place. I was not able to give much of a sprint so I ended up with 11th place.

Even though the last attack did not work out for me, I was happy to try new things and experienced a good place to attack on two occasions. It was worth the effort and better than sitting in the field to watch the better sprinters take the top positions.