Downtown Lodi Cyclefest E-4/5

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2nd take at the same race, which was a lot slower. I had a good showing and had a breakaway  going with a previous breakaway buddy. With 3 to go 5 spokes broke on my rear wheel when I was taking a quick drink. Ouch.

Downtown Lodi Cyclefest M35,M45,4/5

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First of all let me say that 4 categories in one race is probably not a good idea… As far as the course the roads were in good shape with only a few wholes in the asphalt. The course it self was a figure 8 that was kind interesting with a long straight section on […]

Registration is still open

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Hey folks the registration is still open for our next TTE in Albany/Berkeley Criterium so far is only Chris Menicou and I.
Here is the link:

Ride to Sierra Rd.

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Any takers,Meet me @ the regular spot (Niles Parking lot) tomorrow @ 8:00 am sharp we will climb Sierra and come back tru Felter rd/Calaveras rd/Old Calaveras rd the rest of the ride you know it let me know.
Alex Cortez

Atwater “Big Creek Lumber Criterium” M35+4

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Race 2 of the day and some more familiar faces. The pack did not seem interested in working and Carl from IC3 decided to jump, I took off with him which we soon joined by the same TVV guy. From Lap 5 to 20 the pack never even came close. Idid not realize until after […]

Atwater “Big Creek Lumber Criterium” E4/5

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This was the race that replaced the Oakland Criterium… The course was like a big track. The S/F was half way down a straight away which lead into a nice long 180 to another 200 yard staright away to 2 90 degree turns on the backside. My goal for this race was points and I […]

Leesville Gap RR

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Leesville Gap RR
Result: 11th
My initial plan was to try and stay with the leaders on the major climb and hopefully make it in subsequent break. A few minutes before the start Hans asked me if I would join him in an early break to get through the worst road sections ahead of the field and […]

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