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Burlingame Crit 2010 35+ 4

This was the second of two races for me. After the E4′s I grabbed a banana and some water. To keep the legs warm Erik and I did laps on city streets. Our start time was 9:30am. The 35+4′s raced right before Ryan Phua Memorial Kids’ Ride so the spectator turnout was great. It really made for a super fun atmosphere. They said we had 63 riders for this race. They extra 20 or so riders would definately make it harder to move around in the bunch. I lined up near the back with Erik and Oscar (BBC). Whistle blows and I managed a speedy clip in. Moved up towards the middle of the group and settled in. I wouldn’t say it is hard to move up on this course but it isn’t as straightforward  as your standard 4 corner crit. I found I could gain a few spots through the right-left-right sequence as guys would tend to ease up in this section. On turn 5 and the #6 sweeper everyone wanted to move up as this was the most wide open area of the course. It was also the lead into the short finishing straight. The road surface had some surprises also. In the center of turn 3 there is a nice dip at the apex of the center line. It tended to launch your back wheel off the ground if you were driving hard. About halfway through the race  my front wheel dropped into a seam on the road. I was able to shift my weight back in time and it didn’t grab. I had visions of a really bad outcome if it did. For the most part it was a smooth race. You always get a few knuckleheads doing stupid things but the older crowd felt safer than the E4′s. With 3 to go I decided to try and move up. Worked my way into the top 20 or so as the bell rang for the last lap. Coming out of turn 3 I’m in a train with Bill from TBS Rob from Taleo and another rider I don’t know on the front driving the pace. We are flying along at around 30 on the outside. Coming up real fast on the front. Turn 4 goes smooth and the guy on the front of our train is probably even with 4th or 5th wheel of the main bunch. We enter turn 5 flat out just hammering. I’m feeling real good slotted 4th wheel not working to hard. Liking my odds against the guys in front of me on the short sprint. Dude on the front over cooks the turn and plows into the curb at full speed. The rest of us were able to scrub off some speed and avoid stacking it. Unfortunately we lost all of our momentum and got passed by a lot of riders. I didn’t contest the sprint and finished 27th. Guess that’s racing. Erik and I talked to the guy who crashed after the race. Had some road rash on an arm and lower leg but his bike was wrecked. Snapped the seat tube on his Giant TCR. Glad he walked away though.


Burlingame Crit 2010 E4

Great course, cool vibe and good weather make the Burlingame Crit one of my favorite races. For those not familiar with this event you should definately check it out next year. Race is held in downtown Burlingame. The course is 7/10ths of a mile in length with 6 turns. Pavement is fair to poor with many dips,rises and cracks to keep you on your toes. The organisers do not run a mens’s 5, women’s 4 or junior specific races. I don’t know the reasoning behind this. The course does require you to pay attention and decent bike handling skills are a must.

Pulled into the parking lot at 6:30am for a 7:00am start. Not much time at all. Warmup ended up being one recon lap of the course. I was hoping to get a few more laps in but when I came around they were already lining us up. Around 45 of us rolled out right on time.  I moved up front straight away. I wanted to stay out of trouble as much as possible. It took 20 minutes or so for my legs to wake up. The racing was pretty uneventful at first as guys were behaving themselves. You would get the usual prime surge then it would settle back down to a moderate pace. Around 10 to go I see Jorge moving toward the front so I hop on his wheel and follow him up. A few laps later we get seperated. He had a good spot in the top 10 I was a farther back but not in a bad position at all. As we cross the start finish line for 6 to go 2 dudes right in front of me were getting awful close to each other. Then right before turn 1 they both try to occupy the same piece of road. Crunch, down they go with bike parts bouncing all over the place. Luckily I had backed off a bit and had enough room and time to get around them.  We were neutralized for one lap and they stopped us with 4 to go.  We waited for about 10 minutes as an ambulance came to the aid of one of the riders. Hope he is doing OK.  On the restart we would do one lap behind the moto then 4 to go. Crap here we go again. Just like the PG&E Crit and Timpani last year. I was a bit nervous and wanted to stay out of trouble .  I sat in the middle of the group for 3 laps then with one to go I moved up a bit. On th final sprint I was able to finish 14th. Not great but at least I finished upright.


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Here is a link for some pics of this past race @ Pescadero hope you like it

 Alex Cortez

Pescadero RR

Race wasn’t go as i wanted first at all we came late with just a few minutes from the start,went running to pick up my number and come back to the car to put my number on my jersey and changed shoes by this time Gonzalo was there too in the same situation as me,we don’t have time to warm up because the referee  was calling our group to the start line Gonzalo and I we already talk about the game plan which was trying to stay together within the pack but I was trying to grab the sprint prime @ stage rd. which I lost because as soon the Marshall give us the to go whistle I hit the gas on trying and thinking i was able to get a gap from the pack but it wasn’t as I though (whole pack was behind me,ouch),by this earlier time from the start my legs was feeling heavy and I start to get some cramps on my inside tight made slowing me and getting pass from the whole pack as soon i was on my own  knowing i was the last rider of the pack I went on both climbs of stage rd. wondering if i can catch some others to has been dropped for the fiercy group lady luck wasn’t on my side today; as i turn into the highway 84 i didn’t see any other rider just me and that’s it again my hopes was to catch some company at the Pescadero rd where was the neutral feed zone and again i was by myself .

My last hope was at the Haskins hill and when  turn right i ask the road Marshall how long the last person was there  and they told me like 4 minutes ago so my expectations to catch will back again and hoping to found another’s riders went all the way up Haskins hill without saw anyone when i was at the finish line i ask the referee how long the group was passing by and told me about 10 minutes ago with this info i decide to drop out from the race since there was no point in chasing nothing and just getting wasted, i get disappointed with myself because i got a good training for this race but things didn’t came as i planned too bad for me it’s my first time i quit a race,but for all the bad of this mess up i learn 2 valuable things:

1-Never come late to a race  need to be there at least 1 hour before to get time to warm up on the right way.

2-Never go full gas on the 1st pedal stroke specially without warming.

Alex Cortez

Thursday, June 17 Team Training

paceline warm-up TOGETHER until 6:40pm (it’s okay to YELL at teammates that are NOT in your paceline = team exercise)
2 technique sprints
first set - from S/F line, 3 to 4 person teams going 100% for 3 laps (stronger = longer, you must finish with all riders)
second set - 3 to 4 person team doing a one lap leadout, change it up and repeat after one lap rest
third set- from S/F line, 3 to 4 person teams going 100% for 3 laps (stronger = longer, you must finish with all riders)
fourth set – 3 to 4 person team doing a one lap leadout, change it up and repeat after one lap rest
double paceline cooldown – 20 to 16mph over 5 laps


Mt.Diablo Hill Climb ITT

Well i get there around 9:15am and head straight to reg tent to pick up the number come back to our tent where Garry already help me to set up my rig on to the trainer and after changed my clothes i start to warm up for about 30 min and during My warming  i took lots of water because i know it will be hot when racing,@ 10 am we head to the start gate,my start time was 30 sec. after Gonzalo and 1:30 before Jason,I try not to go hard on the 1st section of the rollers thinking about the next 5 miles but the rider who start behind me he was almost on my tail and this made me feel a little rush so i start to hammering at the moment we hit the 1000 ft sign this guy past me and i was able to follow him for a couples of min but he drop me at this point i start to think just to save my lost but got past from a Taleo rider and at the end Jason he caught me too and thanks to his encourage i was able to rebound a little bit and keep my place without no body else behind me i just survive the last 2 miles from the Ranches to the finish line.

I got 42 place which it’s not what i expected but  I’m happy for myself because  i set my best pr on this climb with a time of: 36:38:35 last time i rode with Gonzalo i did on 39:33:53 maybe for some of you it’s not a great time but for me this is really awesome i drop more than 3 min and this is one of my main reasons to get happy the other one is i was getting fun and representing with proud my team colors.

Thank you Gaz for helping us after and before the race and for set up everything for us also thanks to Jason who give me some encourage  in the moment i most really need it,see you guys next time and hope to see you @ San Ardo RR.


                                                                                                        Alex Cortez

June 10 – congrats

Okay, maybe I need to bring my notes to the workout! … we did 2 + 4×2 + 4 + 4×2 + 4 for 26 sprints in total. Very nice!


Dunlap TT

Category 3-4

Distance: 18.9

No of riders: 24

Position: 10th

I arrived at the event at 10 am, it was already hot and very dry,  my start time was 11.32 so I knew I would probably suffer in the heat.  I started ok and had my 30 sec rider in sight for the first 5 miles, I was passed by one rider, she finished second overall, and after that it seemed like I was the only rider on the road.

My aim this year was to beat my previous time and to finish higher up, I achieved both goals but I was still disappointed with the overall time.  I find time trials that are flat are not my strong point as I find it hard to lift the pace.

Hopefully next year I will ride stronger and better.