Burlingame Crit 2010 35+ 4

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This was the second of two races for me. After the E4’s I grabbed a banana and some water. To keep the legs warm Erik and I did laps on city streets. Our start time was 9:30am. The 35+4’s raced right before Ryan Phua Memorial Kids’ Ride so the spectator turnout was great. It really […]

Burlingame Crit 2010 E4

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Great course, cool vibe and good weather make the Burlingame Crit one of my favorite races. For those not familiar with this event you should definately check it out next year. Race is held in downtown Burlingame. The course is 7/10ths of a mile in length with 6 turns. Pavement is fair to poor with many […]

Facebook Link

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Here is a link for some pics of this past race @ Pescadero hope you like it
 Alex Cortez

Pescadero RR

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Race wasn’t go as i wanted first at all we came late with just a few minutes from the start,went running to pick up my number and come back to the car to put my number on my jersey and changed shoes by this time Gonzalo was there too in the same situation as me,we […]

Thursday, June 17 Team Training

paceline warm-up TOGETHER until 6:40pm (it’s okay to YELL at teammates that are NOT in your paceline = team exercise)
2 technique sprints
first set – from S/F line, 3 to 4 person teams going 100% for 3 laps (stronger = longer, you must finish with all riders)
second set – 3 to 4 person team doing a one lap […]

Mt.Diablo Hill Climb ITT

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Well i get there around 9:15am and head straight to reg tent to pick up the number come back to our tent where Garry already help me to set up my rig on to the trainer and after changed my clothes i start to warm up for about 30 min and during My warming  i […]

June 10 – congrats

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Okay, maybe I need to bring my notes to the workout! … we did 2 + 4×2 + 4 + 4×2 + 4 for 26 sprints in total. Very nice!

Dunlap TT

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Category 3-4
Distance: 18.9
No of riders: 24
Position: 10th
I arrived at the event at 10 am, it was already hot and very dry,  my start time was 11.32 so I knew I would probably suffer in the heat.  I started ok and had my 30 sec rider in sight for the first 5 miles, I was passed […]

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