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Well, I got registered and started warming up quickly.  I noticed the wind was starting to kick up.  I got to the start line and when the whistle blew I took off.  I bumped into somebody at the start, but nothing resulted from that.  I started getting dropped early due to a sprint on the tailwind section but quickly chased them down and got back in the draft.  On the second lap the same thing happened, a sprint on the tailwind section.  I stood up and was going good when all of the sudden a SJBC rider starts coming moving in on me and gets too close.  I was on the inside so I couldn’t move over and I was afraid that if I surged he would keep moving over and take me down.  So I pulled back and got dropped.  I got into an aero position and started chasing them down.  I only needed a 100 yards and I would’ve had them, but unfortunately we turned and hit the headwind section and since I was by myself I had no chance.  I then saw two riders in front of me who were dropped and I chased them down and worked with them.  We quickly caught another dropped rider and kept working together.  Around five laps to go I look back and see one of them was gone.  So I kept going and quickly dropped the other two riders.  The pack caught and lapped me and I got on the rear end of them.  They started sprinting and I didn’t feel like trying to stay with them so I just stayed back.  They pulled me off on the last lap.  Well, I guess the more you race the more you learn, which is what I want out of this season, to learn.  Today’s lesson:  Stick your elbows out and hold your ground if someone starts veering in to you.

Memorial Day Criterium

Course was on great conditions not technical but enough amount of corners to keep you awake! we start with a moderate pace until almost the last laps when people in the front start to digging a Little more on the pace there wasn’t any breaks and the only 2/3 attempt was controled  right away this mean everybody was waiting for the final sprint,i was riding almost 3/4 of the race in the middle to the top 10 just watching to trying to set up the sprint for Gonzalo and when i saw the last 2 laps and i start to move to the front trying to carry with me Tony D. Gonzalo and Chris since Mike C.was on the inside of the pack and we where @ the outside;when the bell sounds for the last lap everybody was doing a really high speed we enter corner #1 and i was still on the outside lane which i saw during the race it will be a good place to be for the lead out since all the pack was riding inside all the laps;when we where at the curve i say to Gonzalo to follow me and saw Chris in front of me and tell him to go with us but he didn’t and move to the right @ this point i was in the outside front thinking Gonzalo was on my wheel but he wasn’t it was a rider from the CSC Fresno on my wheel and no one from the Team so i just pull out because i didn’t want to lead to another racer when i get on the corner #3 i just keep going with the speed to finish with the pack.

Cyclesports Criterium E4-5

The course once again was great this race started at 2:40 and the wind had picked up a little more. The race itself was field with attacks and held my position in the top 10 for the duration of the race. Then going into the last turn with 1 lap to go a guy went down in front of me and I had to slow to avoid him which cost me my position, from top 10 to bottom 10 in seconds. Hopefully that guy did not get hurt too bad and I would rather end up last than crash. I potentially lost out on points, but I still have all of my skin. I raced today and I still want to ride tomorrow. Maybe I just  need to learn how to bunny hop on my road bike.

Erik Camacho

Cyclesports Criterium M35+ 3-4

This course was one of the better laid out courses for an industrial criterium, which provided for a much smoother race. It was a windy which added a challenge and a little extra work but overall it was a safe race. The turns were big enough to keep the flow going and there were no real bot dots to contend with. The race was at a reasonable pace and I felt comfortable playing around in the pack. There were plenty of attacks that never seemed to go anywhere, I would occasionally jump to the front to bring up the pace, and I conserved for the end where I got pinched in the second to last turn and lost a little momentum for a 13th place finish.

Erik Camacho

Beat the Clock ITT

Well i was expecting to performed OK but not like this i finished 3rd on my Eddy Merckx category with a difference of 27 sec from the 2nd place which was tied with the 1st place with the same time=:/ since my start I feel good and i took it easy thinking on just getting relax and easy pace,i catch the rider who start 1 minute in front of me and that gave me an extra boost and feeling even more relaxing;at the turn around i grab it wide open to finish on the right line and not to loose my momentum and just keep working without forcing me after that everything was seems going too smooth and i was thinking all the way how good i was feeling with every pedal stroke i was doing,when i finished i didn’t feel too tired or bonking like sometimes i finish on a regular RR,bottom line i feel really great and comfort on my 1st ITT.

Cyclesports Criterium and Junior District Championships

I got signed in and began warming up. Then headed to the start. Race started hard with many attacks. Looking back I was at the back too long, occasionally I would be at the front so I could respond to the attacks. Going in to the last lap my legs were shot and I was hanging on for dear life. With 400 meters left, I lost my breakfast to the road. At that point I soft pedaled to the finish for 19th.

Cat’s 5 ride

Hi there i will like to make a ride with all the cat’s 5 who is racing the  Memorial Day Crit @ Morgan Hill to planning the race,We will meet @ the Niles parking lot @ 8:15 to depart @ 8:30 sharp this is a ride where no body is left behind,we ride to Calaveras rd. through the 84 we can go until the wall or just @ the false flat we will discuss this tomorrow please kindly reply to my post;Hope to hear from you guys.


                                       Alex Cortez

Rock Store Climb

Bill Brier

The Rock Store Climb on Mulholland Hwy – The 2010 AToC stage 8 course.