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Thursday Night Training (April 29)

Focus- @ what speed – your best sprinting?
Old homework- Bottle feed (sorry about forgetting last time)

Double Paceline Warmup (from 15mph up to 30mph), until 6:30pm
2 technique sprints
4 (4 to 1) sprints from 20mph out of 4, recovery for rest of lap
stop and demo “technique sprint” form
one by one practice “technique sprint” form
4 (4 to 1) sprints from 25mph out of 4, recovery for rest of lap
water bottle feed
4 (4 to 1) sprints from 10mph out of 4, recovery for rest of lap
5 laps cooldown (from 20mph to 16mph)
stop and talk about the 20mph, 10mph and 25mph efforts

I hope to see you there, Larry

Wente Crit Cat 4 2010

Race 2 of 2 for the day. After the 35+ 4 I had planned to hydrate grab a bite to eat then roll around till the start of the 4′s. Ended up flappin my jaw more than anything. Did mange to get some food in and hit the head before it was time to line up. I was pretty relaxed as we lined up. Which came as a surprise after the sketchyness of the last race. 80 or so dudes were lined up ready to play. Whistle tweets and we are rolling. Really mellow at first. I mean like 20 mph mellow. For about a lap and a half. Then we are clipping along at 28 again. OK lets go. Legs feeling good, sun is out, low wind. What more could you ask for? How about guys pulling their heads out of their rear ends and racing clean. Pretty much a repeat of the first race.  Dudes are over the place. I mean by all accounts this course should be safe. 4 lanes, wide corners, simple chicane and decent pavement.  But no, I think the 5′s raced safer last year. Anyways, about 15 minutes in 2 guys get tangled up and go down. One of those stupid crashes. One guy leans into another. Instead of leaning back into him he leans the same direction and down they go. Of course this had to happen right in front of me. Really thought I was going to get caught up in this one but was able to squeak by on the right. I surge back to the pack and start to move up. You would hope that people would think twice after a wreck. Nahh. A few laps later I’m moving up through the group. A guy decides to close the door on me. As he comes over I hear the wonderful ting-ting-ting of his rear derailluer hitting my front spokes. Was able to jink away from him and avoid any damage to bike or body. Starting to get not so fun. With 2 to go I see  Erik is sitting  in a great position in the top 10. I could probably work my way up to him but my “give-a-damn” seems to be busted. I just sit in and wait for the finish. Watch as Erik goes strong and gets 8th. I’m not far behind him but I didn’t sprint at all so I cross the line in 30th. Very happy to be leaving with all my skin.


Wente Crit 35+ Cat4 2010

This was the first of two races for the day. I figuered that the 35+ race would be the safer of the two. Well, nobody hit the deck but, this wasn’t due to lack of trying. What a sketchfest.

Pulled into the lot about 50 minutes before the start time. Found a spot right next to Erik. Headed over to reg. to get my numbers.  When I got back to my truck Erik was warming up on his rollers. Thats to say he was bouncing between our vehichles trying to stay on them. Pinned on my number and did a quick spin on the trainer. When I went to change my rear wheel out the skewer snapped on my race wheel. Well that’s not supposed to happen. I had a spare and was glad it happened in the parking lot and not halfway into a sprint.

Found a spot in the lineup about midpack. Mainly so I could chat with Oscar from BBC and Rob from Taleo. Oscar had one teamate as I did. Taleo on the other hand seemed to have about a third of the field. Everywhere you looked you got blinded by the flourescent green kit. About 75 dudes rolled out on the whistle. Started out quick 28-29 mph for the first couple of laps. Then a few primes and the pace eased back. From the gun I was hanging out in the top 25 or so. I would move up to the top 5 or 10 then we would get swamped and I’d find myself back where I started. This was a constant throughout the race. As Larry had said on Thursday night this race was dicey. Don’t know if it was people being tired from the road race the day before or people not being comfortable in a crit. I didn’t see much of Erik till about 7 to go. He was moving up in a group as the line I was in was sliding back. I moved up and after a little jockeying was able to get his wheel. Let him know I was back there. He was trying to hold position but it wasn’t to be. We soon found ourselves midpack again. With 2 to go there was a lone rider attacking. Holy Crap it’s Oscar. He got a good gap and went hard but as the bell rang he was back in the group. Nice try O. Last lap and it’s nuts. Seemed everyone thought they could win and needed to be up front. Erik seemed stuck so I scooted past him. Heard him yell go Mike as I weaved through the group. Coming out of the last turn I was around 30th but had nowhere to go . Just a wall of bikes in front of me . This isn’t going to work. I saw a hole on my left and was able to get to ther outside. The sprint had already started when I hit the gas.  I was able to make up some ground and cross the line in 15th.


Wente Road Race

Cat 4

Number in Field: 50

Position: 36th

Miles: 35

This was my first road race, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  There were alot of first time riders and some had never ridden in a large group before so the start of the race and the first time on Carrol was a bit hair raising.  Managed to keep with the second group up the climb and passed a few riders, felt good and climbed Flynn ok, the descent was great as I was on the front setting the pace.  Starting working with several riders from the Early Birds Developmental Team and we rode together until the second climb of Carrol.  Just as we approached the climb we were passed by the mens 4 group, they cut in front and we all had to brake quick, I just dropped from the back of the group at the top of the climb and never caught up.

Another rider had also been dropped so we worked together for the remainder of the race and I finished 36th.  Enjoyed the race now the plan is to ride it next year and finish in a higher position. 

Thanks to the support crew who provided food and drink, shade, chairs, etc and shouted everyone on.


Wente Vineyard Criterium

This race was flat and fast with a 1.2 Mile loop. In the first race there was a significant headwind on the final stretch approaching the finish line. This race was with the Masters and the pace was reasonible with slowing on the back end every lap (not sure why). In the final sprint into the headwind I almost got my front wheel taken out and ended up placing 33rd.

Second Race with the E4′s the pace picked up a little and so did the sketchiness with a pile up approaching the backside around mid race. I cautiouslyroad through the pile up and grabbed a wheel to get back on the pack. I hung out towards the front with good position for the rest of the race and sprinted into 8th place with a 38 Mph sprint :-)

Erik Camacho

Wente Vineyards Road Race

I went into this race kinda rushed and got dropped to mid pack on the first hill. Through out the race I worked with many groups to gain ground and stayed busy to the final climb and placed 37th. Not where I wanted to finish, but finished in 2:08.

Erik Camacho

Just a reminder for all the people who is racing and for the staff this are the starting times for tomorrow Wente Road Race see you there =:)

Category Miles/Lap Prize/Place Start Field Fee
Cat 1/2/Pro Men 81/5 $1000/15 8:00 120 $28
Cat 3 Men 66/4 $250/8 8:05 100 $28
Master 35+ 1/2/3 66/4 $250/8 8:10 100 $28
Master 45+ 1/2/3 66/4 $250/8 8:15 100 $28
Master 55+ 1/2/3 66/4 $250/8 8:20 100 $28
Women 1/2 66/4 $500/10 8:25 100 $28
Master 45+ 4/5 50/3 $200/6 8:30 75 $28
Master 55+ 4/5 50/3 $200/6 8:35 75 $28
Cat 4 Men 50/3 $200/6 11:45 100 $28
Cat 5 Men 50/3 3 places 11:50 50 $28
Master 35+ Cat 4 50/3 $200/6 11:55 100 $28
Junior 17-18** 50/3 $100/6 12:00 75 $10
Master 35+ Cat 5 50/3 3 places 12:05 50 $28
Women 3 50/3 $200/6 12:10 100 $28
Women 4 35/2 $200/6 12:15 50 $28
Junior 15-16** 35/2 $100/6 12:20 75 $10
Women 35+ 1/2/3*** 35/2 $200/6 12:25 75 $28

Thursday, April 22 sprints

Focus- group gallops
Talking points- timing, high rpms, playing to your strength, and bottle feed (road racing nuance)

warm-up- double paceline to single paceline
2 form sprints, small ring, recovery for rest of lap
3 sprints of 1 lap each as a group (2 groups), 1 full lap recovery
2 full laps recovery
4 long sprints (4 to 1)- small ring (modifier if you are racing: shorter), recovery rest of lap
2 full laps recovery
3 lead-out sprints for one full lap, 3 riders each rotating position, full lap reovery
water bottle feed (technique, then at speed)
cool down
- Larry