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Warnerville RR Report

Warnerville RR
March 28, 2010
Result: 12 th

I rode up with Mike and Erik. Our race start was delayed about 45 minutes. The first lap was not too fast until we hit the 1 mile of dirt road. There was a line on both sides. After getting bucked by a bunch of bumps I jumped behind a group on the left side. The line was much better there but the first left was soft and most people went too wide. The pace was fast but the dirt section only lasted about two or three minutes. I came out close the front of the pack. A few minutes later four of us were off the front but we got chased down in about a mile. The pace then was pretty slow. About half way through lap two a guy just rolled off the front and no one cared so another guy bridged up and they took off. The pack just continued on at a slow pace. I wished I had joined them. I don’t know if we ever caught them. For a short stretch we took off over 30 mph. It was clear that we could catch them if they wanted to. It’s not like there was one team controlling the race here. So I don’t know if those two were ever caught but in the end there were four in a break.

 On the final lap the pack was smaller since a lot of people flatted but still big enough that I did not want to be stuck in the back for the last 1k. I moved up to mid pack going into the gravel section. By the end of the dirt I was at the front with a specialized guy. Most people hated the dirt road but I found it very fun. This time the field was really broke up so I hoped we would go fast enough to prevent a bunch up before the finish. A Safeway guy attacked which picked up the pace. I was third until Safeway dropped back. I stayed second until the 200 m sign where I expected to be swarmed by the sprinters. About six of them beat me. I looked back and there was no one else so I ended up with 12 th place overall. 


Orosi RR

Field: 10
Place 4th
2 laps

 My field only had 10 people. We did two laps. I started out feeling good but this course took a lot out of me. Carl from Danville who climbed Mt. Diablo 200 times last year, broke up the field on the first big climb. Four of us were together at the top. I managed to hang on by sticking close to Carl and Geoff Drake. We did not go hard enough, Carl actually did too much pulling for the next several miles. Shortly after the bridge the pack of five or six caught us. About 8 miles from the start/finish Chris from San Jose BC went ahead on the fast descent. I stuck close to him and when the road flattened out the pack was together.

 On the second lap Carl set an even harder pace. He wanted to make sure we didn’t get caught this time. Five of us made it to the top but we got strung out. I was the last one and had to work hard to catch up. After two laps I was done. I could not have done another lap, at least not at that pace. On the final fast decent Chris jumped ahead again but this time no one followed. Everyone must of thought we would catch him at the bottom. He got far enough ahead that four of us working together never caught him and he took first place. I started to sprint with Scott from Mammoth but my legs only lasted about 10 seconds then it was between Scott and Geoff. Geoff took second and Scott third. I got fourth and Carl 5th.  

It was a very hard race because of the fast climbing pace.


Warnerville Road Race

Warnerville had an intersestig twist. It had an unpaved section with a lot of loose gravel and there were many uncomfortable with it. This course also contained some nice rollers with moderate climbs. There was a break away early in the race and they managed to get away, I jumped on with a chase group an we broke away from the field in pursuit of the lead group. We kept on pounding away until the group disapated and continued to pursue the lead group the whole time.  Some members of the lead group fell off the back and or flatted. I pounded my way passed a couple of carrots in front of only to find they were part of a different race. Either waythey kept me motivated and I was happy to finish strong in 5th place :-)

Erik Camacho

Land Park Criterium

The course here was pretty flat with a slight incline on the back end. I raced the Masters 35+ 4′s and Elite 4′s. The biggest issue on this course was the hairpin followed by the chicane where there was a lot of slowing. Then the final turn slowed down again and then broke off into the final sprint. The nice part about this course is that the roads are nice and wide and most of the turns flowed well.  I placed mid pack both races. I would do this course again next year.

Erik Camacho

Salinas Criterium

We started very  slow. Then Zeke  (sjbc) and Andrew (sjbc) attacked repeatedly.  I covered them each time. Then Zeke tried to convince me to attack after 3 laps of a 50 min race. I did not because I knew that his team mates would chase me down and it would be a waste of energy. A few laps later Zeke and Andrew attacked hard and I tried to cover it but once I reach the headwind section I was 50 meters back and could not close the gap so I sat up and rejoined the chase group. Unfortunately we never were really organized. Then at the sprint I went to early in a headwind but had the speed to win the sprint for 3rd. Alec got 4th on a bike throw. Overall this was my best race.

Team ride this Saturday 3/20??

Are we going to have a team ride this Saturday??

Saturday 03/20 Team Ride

Fernando Gonzalo and I we’re planning a ride for this saturday morning to Mt. Diablo departing from Niles parking lot;if you want to come and ride with us please be there @ 8:15 SHARP (and i mean it SHARP) because we leaving @ 8:30 not an official team ride but please contact me if you want to come.

                                                                              ALEX CORTEZ

Lessons with Larry

March 31, 2010
7:00 pmto8:30 pm

Lesson with Larry – Classroom session #2
Please RSVP to Garry

Team Mates

The next “Lessons with Larry” classroom session has been scheduled.

Please mark the following date in your calendars

Wednesday Marsh 31st at 7:00 PM
Two topics are scheduled:
Warming Up for racing
How, why, when

Time Trialling
Obviously a vast subject. We will go over the basics of equipment, position, pacing.

Last time we went on for 3 hours, This lesson will probably be similar. Also, last time we started late because people who said they where coming never did, and we waited for them. This time we start on time!!!

Location as before, at Mike Hughes office in Union City

31010 Vallejo Street
Union City, CA 94587

(510) 429-6700

Hughes Allmart Insurance

Next to Bronco Billys

Remember, please RSVP by replying to Garry at