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Snelling Race February 27, 2010

I woke up at 4:50 am and at 5:15 I left to Snelling. While I was driving their were strong showers, but I still wanted to participate in the race, even though I was in the waiting list. Fifteen minutes, before the race started, they told me that I was going to be in the race.

Being my first race, I wasn’t nervous, in the other hand, I felt comfortable and relived that I was able to race. When the race started I felt sure of myself because we were going fifteen to eighteen miles per hour. After three miles the person ,giving the signals, gave the sign for us to go on and everyone started attacking, going 25 to 27 mph. But still, I was doing good and was within the pack. The only problem were the puddles on the road that were really deep; my feet would touch the water as we rode through them. Throughout the race I was within the pack even though sometimes I would be in the back, other times I would be in the front. The speed was varied. On the last lap everyone started to go faster and before, about a quarter of a mile from the finish line there was an accident, which made the pack move to the left side of the road, causing me to stay in the back. After passing the accident, on the last turn, everyone started attacking to the finish line. I started attacking late and ended up in 14th place. Even though I didn’t get the top 5 I was glad to be able to complete my first race.

Gonzalo Carrillo

Snelling Road Race Cat#4 2010

Woke up to dry pavement outside the house. I’m thinking  SWEET. Get myself cleaned up, grab a little chow and go to put my bike it the car. It’s friggin pouring outside. Not so sweet. Well, thats life. Boogie over to Bill’s to convoy to the race. Erik, Mike C, Bill and I are rolling at 4:45. It rains more on than off all the way to Snelling. We pulled into the park around 6:30 or so.  Mark, Sandra, RB and Bas all show up in short order. Thomas and Bryan roll in a little while later. Great the gang’s all here. We all do are thing and get prepped to do battle. Rain had pretty much stopped by the time I hopped on my trainer. 20 minutes just to let my legs know we aren’t at home on the couch. Then we mosey on over to the start area. Sandra was nice enough to take my rain cape for me. Glad I did’t wear that. It would have been way to warm.

We had a full field of 100 for the 4′s. As the race official went over the details she mentioned that their was water on the course. OK that’s life. Yadda Yadda feed zone blah blah 100 yds 12 inches deep. Whoah Whoah WTF. Turns out we had to ford “Lake Snelling” . So, multiple water crossing, some of it flowing, mud and sand. Pretty sure they said Road Race not Cyclocross. This should be very interesting.

We roll at or very close to the posted start time of 8:20. A 3 mile neutral zone took us to the FULLY CLOSED course. That was sweet. Right up the feed zone down the other side a little left a little right and boom we are at the lake. Bait shop is on the right, boat launch is on the left. It wasn’t to bad on lap one. The group was slow to get a feel for the water. I was actually more worried about the debris on both sides of the water.  Lots of water!! 2 or 3 spots where the road was  fully under and to many huge puddles to count. Throw in the mud, gravel and junk on the road and it was puncute galore. I’d say people who got flats had to number over a hundred. The first lap went by quick. Second and third laps a bit slower but still a decent pace. Typically you would get a surge out of the turns and water crossings. Nothing crazy. I was feeling well and enjoying myself. The rollers were pretty mellow and I could stay in the saddle when we went up them. I have to say for such an all around crappy day the 4′s played very well together. Not to many close calls and everyone seemed to want to stay safe. I think it was on lap three in the fast downhill section we came upon a crash. Pretty sure it was a lady who went down. Heard after the race she had to be medivac’ed out. Hope she is doing ok. As we finished lap 4 we  found out that a break had gone up the road and had about a minute on us. So pace picked up a bit. No problem right. Wrong! After the 4th time across the pond I started to feel the front of my lower leg locking up. Weird, that’s a new one. I tried to baby it for about a half a lap but eventually I just couldn’t put the power down to stay with the bunch. Nuts! I guess the cold water and wind on my exposed lower legs was a bad thing. So time for the looooong ride home. Stopped on the way back to help Mick from Specialized with a flat. We were riding back together when I spot Bas. He had a flat and was waiting for a lift back. Get back to the park and almost everyone is there. WOW, I must really be slow. Well not that slow. Great job Thomas, Gonzalo, Mark and Erik on finishing. Was not a walk in the park. Was really great to see so many Team Fremont people out there. I think it was Roy’s first race as a team member. Next up Merco Foothills RR next weekend. Rain is forecasted. Ah Crap here we go again.

On another note. The new kit is quite nice. Well not as nice as it was 24 hours ago. Most of the stains came out. Garry,RB and others great job. Looks great and thanks for not going all white on the bibs.

Mike Baxter

Commuting Back to Fremont

Good morning and happy Friday to all the Team Fremont members,For all those teammies going to Snelling tomorrow is there any chance to some of you guys can give me a ride back to Fremont or some close since Gonzalo’s brother is having his B-day party in Tracy and Gonzalo is going to stay with him until later and i don’t want to miss the race…..Let me know if any of you guys can help me back I really appreciate it!!!

                                                                  THANK YOU

                                                                  ALEX CORTEZ

Beat the Clock TT

Date: Saturday 13th February

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 26.50

Finish Position: 4th

My first TT of the season, perfect day, reasonably warm and very little wind.  Majority of riders were using this event as practise for the Berkeley TT,  I felt good and I hoped I would beat my previous best time or be at least near it.

My average speed was 21.2 and my maximum was 34.7, this is an improvement on last year, also my climbing has improved so I don’t lose as much time.  Just before the finish I was caught by one rider and she had the winning time of  23.49.

Pleased with the result and hopefully the next event my time will improve.

2nd Warnerville Road race

Hey team any 1 interest in this race registration is now open:

I’m signed up for the 45+ (Bill)

Ronde van Brisbeen Criterium

This was the most technical course for me to date. The course was wet and dangerous. The make up of the course was 7 turns including a hairpin and and a chicane in 6/10 of a mile. This was a power packed 50 minute race that included 2 crashes and mulitple sprints and slow downs. 46 racers 21 DNF’s. I was happy to finish upright in 18th. 

Erik Camacho

2010 Berkeley Bicycle Team Time Trial

Don’t under estimate the hills. This race seemed to be 90% climbing. It was 16 miles of grinding the entire time. Painful.

2010 Altamont Team Time Trial

Registration for the 2010 Altamont TTT on Sat April 3 has opened. See here for more information.