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Thor’s day training crash

Dear Teammates,

This morning, while training, I crashed and crashed hard!

I went head over handlebars thanks to a pothole one mile from home.

I suffered some scrapes and cuts but the greatest concern is my rib that contacted the handlebar as I skated on the asphalt.  Having a little trouble breathing but think that it is mostly just bruising.

Will not be racing this weekend.  Bother.

Sucks to be me right about now.

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Foothill College Circuit Race report – boys 15-18 cat 4/5

sunday july 13, 2014 with james and conan
whistle blew. Everyone started hammering the descent. Got on a kid from tieni duro’s wheel, on the right side of the pack. We turn the first corner and kid in front of me fills a gap to his left. Great, I’m in the wind. Look behind me, and [...]

Red Kite Criterium…opening up the account

Have only raced Red Kite once this year.
Haven’t raced on the Livermore course all year.
Enough build up.
Arrived and ran into Dillon Chang.  He had raced the race before me and was leaving.  He wished me good luck.  He couldn’t stay.  He had brought his family and they had other obligations other than watching me suffer.
Pinned [...]

July update–Fourth of July at Davis

Fourth of July at Davis was …. painful.
Arrived and ran into Rey Surla who brought up two juniors for their races.  The first junior was on course when I arrived.  Rey was racing later.  I warmed up and realized that the Fourth of July at Davis Criterium had been brutally fast and grueling the last [...]

A Busy July ahead

This seventh month of the year finds me preparing for at least four if not five races between now and August. Hope the legs have it in them. Hope to see the team out in force. Everyone needs a little sun and fun.
My first race of July is on Independence Day at Davis. Fast and [...]

Sea Otter Classic Circuit Race E4

Sea Otter Classic Circuit Race 22 out of 66 in E4. Avg speed 23mph.
The Sea Otter Circuit Race is on the Laguna Seca race track in Monterey. I had done this race two years ago in my first year of racing as a cat 5 and got destroyed. I got dropped after 3 laps and [...]

Primavera Century

[ April 27, 2014; 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] The race team is working this event. The majority of the team will be at the Rios Lovell winery in Livermore

Presentation by Dr. Evan Woehl DC ART

[ April 28, 2014; 7:30 pm; ] Evan is an acquaintance of mine thru my Chiropractor in Pleasanton. He is an ex pro soccer player who played in the German Bundersliga, the German top flight level.

The evening will cover, but is not limited to the following :

“I have a list of topics I usually cover: Nutrition, Sleep, Stretching, Muscle Groupings, Toxins, Stress [...]